Not a Dime for FPU or the Lakeland Chamber; Focus on Polk State

Let’s just recap for a second: A rogue senator from Lake Wales or Winter Haven or wherever’s he from managed to cower virtually everyone outside of Lakeland into accepting an unaccredited, unloved, unbuilt university that no one from Lakeland wanted while severing a relationship with a real university that everyone in Lakeland wanted to keep. […]

City Commission Calls Special Meeting to Vote on Resolution Supporting USFP “or any independent successor organization”

The City Commission is scheduled to meet Wednesday morning for a special session to discuss a resolution supporting USFP “or any independent successor organization.” Here is the proposed resolution in full: • I-A FEBRUARY 22, 2012 RESOLUTION NO. ____ PROPOSED RESOLUTION NO. 12-008 A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COMMISSION OF THE CITY OF LAKELAND RELATING […]

USF Poly Appears in Florida Senate Conforming Bill

In tonight’s agenda packet for Budget Subcommittee on Higher Education was some information on Florida Polytechnic creation legislation (pdf) Here’s the pertinent page offered without commentary: Florida Polytechnic University – Creation Legislation Senate Higher Education Appropriations Conforming Bill 2012 The bill: • Creates the Florida Polytechnic University in statute. The new university is completely independent […]

Oedipus Alexander: What Liberal Arts Could Teach J.D.

I couldn’t help but chuckle at this from the recent St. Pete Times story about J.D. Alexander’s obsession with slicing USFP out of USF, like a tumor in reverse. Apparently, he strutted into a Board of Governors meeting and started slagging off on English professors, or something equivalent. Saying legislators will always find money for […]

Time for freeloading Winter Haven to pony up for USFP

Cash MunnyNow that Winter Haven, the welfare queen of cities, is on the record with its plan to use USF Polytechnic as the world’s most high tech remote park-and-ride lot for a Legoland, maybe city and business leaders over there could actually consider paying a fair share of the campus’ development instead of riding off everyone else’s dime.

Stimulating Senior Scholars

Seniors looking for challenges will want to contact the University of South Florida Polytechnic (USFP) Rath Senior ConNEXTions and Education Center. The center is offering classes on a variety of topics aimed at Lakelanders 50 and older. Most classes are $50, start January 25th, and are held at USFP. There are a pair held elsewhere […]

A Curriculum Suggestion For All Those “Leadership {Fill-in-the-Blank}” Programs

Come on over to Metro I4 News for a discussion of the recent St. Pete Times revelations of the personal business ties of Florida Reps. Seth McKeel and Steve Precourt, R-Orlando, to USF Polytechnic and the CSX deal, respectively.

I muse a bit on why we always hear about these potential conflicts from reporters, rather than from the legislators themselves and make a suggestion to the “leadership” teachers out there.