Hey Candidates, Support Same Sex Benefits In City Government

Tampa, St. Petersburg, Orlando, and Orange County all offer same sex partner benefits to their police officers, firefighters, and other city employees. Lakeland does not. It’s time for that to change. There are many good reasons to change, the first of which is basic fairness and honor. The men and women who risk their lives […]

Look in the Mirror, Angry (White) Socialist Grandpa

You may have missed the most important story about your life and mine to run in The Ledger in a long, long time.

Understandable given the Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla noise as atheists battle Grady Judd over Polk County.

Kudos to the Ledger editor who picked it off the AP wire. My only complaint is it ran over the innocuous headline “Average Medicare Benefits By Far Top Lifetime Costs.” It should have read more viscerally, something like, Middle Class White Grandparents Are The Greatest Welfare Queens Who Have Ever Lived In the United States (Other Than Bankers)

And, really, it’s so important that it ought to run every day until it seeps into our collective consciousness.

No Blood for Cotton

Day laborers picking cotton near Clarksdale, Miss. (LOC)I have been rather, uh, terse in my critique of certain political behavior in the wake of the gulf oil spilling (using the gerund because it’s ongoing). Particularly toward that important species of conservative that either loved to chant “Drill, Baby, Drill,” or kept silent while others did, but pleads complexity now, with chocolate-covered sea turtles on our TVs and fishing bans in the gulf…..

Lakeland Electric Rate Up October 1st

Inside you’ll find a memo sent out from the city today. It bears the Truth in Advertising title of “LAKELAND ELECTRIC FUEL CHARGE DECREASE EFFECTIVE OCTOBER 1ST.” However, while that fact is true, other charges conspire to make that first 1000 kwh of electricity more expensive after the 1st than it was in September. Get the details inside…

The Cost of Crime Rises

Starting tomorrow, the cost of crime will rise for Polk County Jail inmates. To offset the cost of inmate housing, the Polk County Sheriff’s office will charge a $2 fee per day to each inmate. “In honor of the hard working men and women who pay taxes to house criminals, we are now going to charge those criminals two dollars a day—to start—so they can help offset the cost to Polk County’s taxpayers,” wrote Sherriff Grady Judd in a press release this morning. Get the details inside…

Socialism/Insanity Is On The March (WaMu Edition)

washington mutualLast week, I wrote this:

“When Washington Mutual goes down next week, or the week after, should that big government snotty nose wiper known as the FDIC play its role and make small depositers whole, or should we be left to wipe own our snotty accounts?”

Break out the tissues. It was in fact, “next week”, not “the week after.”

Yes, you know WaMu, that’s the bank with the branches at Lakeside Village and the Winn Dixie shopping center in the Lakeland Highlands, with cute, hip interiors, complete with video games for the kids.