Get Out of Town

2007 April 9 #1Yes, this weekend might be your chance to get out of Lakeland for some fun and maybe a few thrills. Winter Haven and Polk City are looking for fun seeking Lakelanders with Roar N Soar and a $5 all admissions Special Price Sunday at Cypress Gardens. Tom Hagerty and I will be at Roar N Soar Saturday to check it out. I hope to see you there.

Update: From The Disney Blog

The experiment that turned the beautiful, but dying, Cypress Gardens into an amusement park may be nearing an end. It pains me to write this rumor, but I completely understand the reasoning behind it. Winter Haven is just too far off the beaten path to be supported by tourists, especially when gas costs are high and with Disney’s ability to keep guests on resort property for the whole vacation. Unfortunately the local economy isn’t strong enough to support the park either.

So with IAAPA in town in a few days the park will be shopping its free-standing amusement park attractions to the highest bidder. Apparently, they’ve had appraisals done and already sold a few.

It sounds like Sunday might be your last chance to experience Cypress Gardens amusement rides.