The Big 3 Must Go; and Other Thoughts on Rescuing Lakeland from Itself

I haven’t written much about the meltdown at LPD because The Ledger has done an exemplary job dogging the story. The reporters and editors and even business management deserve kudos for keeping at it and committing lawyers and money. Well done. But now that it’s all exploded — and I’m back from the old country […]

Pet Connection with Dr. Mitsie Vargas Debuts Tuesday December 6

Lakeland Local is happy to work with Polk’s Government Television and Orchid Springs Animal Hospital to host an interactive webcast series. Aimed at animal lovers, the webcast features Dr. Mitsie Vargas and kicks-off Tuesday, December 6 at 7pm. Viewers can log in on this page to watch the webcast and send in questions and comments. […]

McDump Academy and the FCAT New Math

Regular School – .2(Regular School) + Special School > Charter School +/- Null Set Or something. This is the bizarre mathematical phrase we’ve come to in assessing the performance of Polk County schools. As considered in the ridiculous way we measure schools in this state, Lakeland High and Bartow High are the clear champions of […]

Term Limits, Drug Tests and the Class War

I want to make clear upfront that I voted against term limits and salary cuts for Polk County commissioners. I’ve always considered term limits voter welfare; and you have to pay elected officials a salary that allows them to focus on running this complex county full-time if that’s what you want them do. Low salaries […]

Grady Judd, Call A Press Conference About This Prohibition Data

As some of you may know, I’ve become an almost obsessive critic of America’s raging failure of a drug war, which I consider perhaps our most dire national problem. Take a look at the three charts below to see why I think the way I do. [tabs slidertype=”left tabs” fx=”slide” auto=”yes”][tabcontainer] [tabtext]Homicides per 1000 – […]

Local Firm Designs Film Art

Better than chocolate in peanut butter, one of Lakeland’s recent additions to the downtown business sector has teamed up with Lakeland’s pre-eminent filmmakers. It’s a small project, but one soon to be very visible as Smart Creative has designed the key art for Endure, the film from the creative team at Nfocus.

New Training Facility for the Polk County Sheriff’s Office

For years, officers have trained by shooting at stationary targets. A big step was popup targets as officers moved through training buildings. Today training can be much more realistic. The Polk County Sheriff’s office spends considerable time training officers. Just before the Thanksgiving holiday the department added a tool to improve that training. Imagine a […]

Ledger Silences Polk Voice – Replaces Service with Aggregator

This evening, contributors were informed of the pending closing of their local blogging host. The service was supported by area newspaper, The Ledger and the notice was written by Ledger Managing Editor/Digital Barry Friedman and Digital Advertising Manager Scott R. Girouard. Since 2006, community bloggers, businesses, and organizations have used the free service to […]

USF Hopes to Squeeze the Orange

USF at Syracuse today:

The first place to go today is Greg Auman at the St. Pete Times. Why is the St. Pete paper doing more for USF than…nevermind. Auman links to stories at the Hartford Courant, “Lakeland Ledger,” ESPN, Syracuse’s NunesMagician, and the Osceola News-Gazette. So I won’t link to them here.

GoBulls has a nice list of where to catch the game on TV & radio. | Here is their GameDay Central for all the stats.

OK, late start today. I’m still getting used to this. Any USF football fans like to compile some links for Fame & (absolutely no) Fortune?

I’ll have a better results post in the morning.

A Rail Meeting to Attend

In a move reminiscent of the Hair tune, Initials (L.B.J.), the FDOT invites you to a PIM to study the FEIS for the FHSR.

In English, the Florida Department of Transportation is hosting a Public Information meeting to showcase the changes made to the Final Environmental Impact Statement for the Florida High Speed Rail project.

Look inside for the details…