Detroit Tigers Spring Training Opens Today

[box type=”shadow”]Editor’s note: The Detroit Tigers open their 76th season of Lakeland-based Spring Training this afternoon. Photographer Tom Hagerty has spent some time at the team practices this year. You bet he has a few photos…[/box] A Kaline Solo A Leyland Duo   A Verlander Solo A Fielder Quartet   That’s just a taste of […]

The Real Kickoff to the Holiday Season – SantaCon

Editor’s Note: Being a consummate professional Tom Hagerty braved the snow* and cold yesterday to photograph the kick-off to the holiday season — SantaCon 2011. If you’re not familiar with SantaCon, just imagine a sleigh-full of department store Santas and their elves having a few beers after work and playing beer pong. * – OK, there wasn’t any snow, but there was a lot of beer pong. Tom choose to take photographs rather than join in. That’s professionalism.

The First Urban Triathlon Photo Set

While we’re waiting for Tom Hagerty to get back from the Black LagoonLake Mirror, here’s a small set of photos from today’s Child of the Sun Urban Triathlon. These photos were taken on Lake Hollingsworth Road at Mississippi near Florida Southern College. [tabs slidertype=”left tabs” fx=”slide” auto=”yes”][tabcontainer] [tabtext]Watching the Racers[/tabtext] [tabtext]At the End of Mississippi[/tabtext] […]

Lakeland and Lake Gibson Basketball

[tabs slidertype=”left tabs” auto=”yes”][tabcontainer] [tabtext]Dreadnaughts[/tabtext] [tabtext]Driving[/tabtext] [tabtext]Scrambling[/tabtext] [tabtext]Smiling[/tabtext] [tabtext]Waiting[/tabtext] [tabtext]Planning[/tabtext] [tabtext]Huddling[/tabtext] [tabtext]Watching[/tabtext] [tabtext]Click for Full Set [/tab] [/tabcontent] [/tabs] photo credit: Tom Hagerty for Lakeland Local

Images 2010

(Editor’s Note:: We asked Tom Hagerty if he could pick his favorite photos from each month of 2010. If we had the time and space we would have requested his favorite 50. Well, we might not have the time, but we have the space. You can find much, much more of Tom’s work at Lakeland […]

At the Lakeland Christmas Parade

Thursday night, the Junior League of Greater Lakeland hosted the 30th Annual Lakeland Christmas Parade. This year’s theme was “Christmas Stories.” The Lakeland Christian School took home “Most Outstanding Band” again this year. • [slickr-flickr tag=”cmas10″ type=”galleria” photos_per_row=”4″ ] (We’re having a technical issue with our slideshow. If you don’t see the slideshow, you can […]

At the Holiday Walkabout

Each year the Holiday Walkabout kicks off the Christmas season in downtown Lakeland. Held last night, the Walkabout featured horse-drawn wagon rides, a kiddie train ride, pony rides, music, dining, shopping and, of course, Santa and Mrs. Claus. • Below is an auto slideshow of images from the Walkabout [slickr-flickr tag=”20101201a” type=”galleria” ] photo credit: […]

Flying Tiger Game Photos

20100411_0418 editYou can find Lakeland Local photographer Tom Hagerty at almost every Lakeland Flying Tiger home game. Tom doesn’t just shoot the close plays, he takes time to photograph the fans of the game. After each home game, we feature a pair of Tom’s photos — one from the game and one fan. In addition, we’ll link to the rest of Tom’s photo from the night. If you or someone you know attended the game, be sure to check out Lakeland Local right after for the line score and Tom’s pics.

Big Top City Hall

2009 Dec 24 #3

It appears the circus is in town today. This morning workers started erecting a tent over Lakeland City Hall. It’s not the circus though. City Hall has a bug problem, and nothing as exciting as listening devices. The bright yellow and white tent is to allow the city to fumigate the building to eradicate termites.

Lakeland Local photographer Tom Hagerty was on the scene to take a few photos of the process. Here’s the full set of photos.

City Hall will reopen Monday, December 28th.

Creative Commons License photos credit: Tom Hagerty for Lakeland Local