Mike Monts De Oca’s Music is Cash to Gaga and Beyond

[box type=”shadow”]Lakeland musician Mike Monts De Oca has started a Kickstarter campaign. We asked him a few questions about his music and the campaign.[/box] Q: Under what Amazon category would you file your music? A: I don’t know if this is an Amazon genre or not, but I would categorize my music as Acoustic Rock/Pop. […]


I have very little to say about the big anniversary. I remember feeling emotionally wounded by the images. But I got over it. Because for me, like most everybody else, it was just images. (I exclude the people actually killed or directly affected by grief or service that followed from this.) Like the famine killing […]

911 Song

Harrison School for the Arts student Derik Thomas has previously made these pages. In April 2010 he was asked to perform in Washington D.C. for Earth Day. Thomas sang an original composition, “The Brightest Light.” Today he’s on Playlist for another self-penned song. Earlier this week, Thomas received a request from his school to compose […]


Let’s face it. Save for Meredith’s contribution, most of the videos on the Playlist have been downright AOR. Today though we present a video sensation that won’t get played on any local radio station. That’s too bad, because PONPONPON is a fun, upbeat and slightly insane piece of pop you won’t forget. Not that you’re […]

Let The Eagle Soar

[box type=”shadow”]Editor’s Note: Today we have two submissions for our Playlist. Oddly enough, both wanted to play with the idea…[/box] In honor of this week’s transformation of Polk State College’s conception of itself, I think we should turn for a moment to the stirring words and dulcet tones of the former attorney general of the […]

Don’t Let Us Get Sick

This isn’t much of a video. White lyrics on a black screen. That’s fine. The lyrics are plain words with the simple hope that your friends stay strong. Jill Sobule has a wonderful voice to carry Warren Zevon’s song, Don’t Let Us Get Sick. (Zevon’s original) A bonus: Pat Guadagno’s studio version… front photo credit: […]

It’s Later Than it Seems

My daughter and I just took a long trip through the Eastern United States. I wanted to showcase one of the songs we’d listen to again and again. While we heard a lot of music, some of our favorites don’t have videos. (Imagine that, video really didn’t kill the radio star.) I’ll hold off a […]

Don’t It All End Up In Some Revelation…

[box type=”shadow”]Editor’s Note: Welcome to Playlist, a new column for Lakeland Local readers that explores music. Each Saturday, a Lakeland Local writer, or guest columnist, will introduce a favorite music video or artist. It shouldn’t need to be said, but Playlist posts are for adults only — no matter the content. And don’t set your […]

Banging My Head

So I was running an errand Wednesday night, flipping the stations as I drove, when I happened upon a familiar circa 1983 power glam beat, pulsing out of an oldies station. Took me a moment to place it, and then, oh yeah: “Bang your heeeeaaaaad, metal health’ll drive you mad.”

That’s right. Quiet Riot. One of the 20 or 30 indispensable bands of the golden age of hair and spandex.

If you think I didn’t crank the tiny rear speakers on my 10-year-old Honda Civic as loud as they would go, you are sadly mistaken.