Week 14 Opens the Season

The Lakeland Flying Tigers opened their season this week. We added a special section to the front page to display the latest game reports, scores and photos. Plus, if you missed a game, you can always check out our Lakeland Flying Tigers archive. From this point out on TW3, we’ll list Flying Tigers articles in […]

A Pair of New Columns, Rail and Baseball Lead 2011 Week 8

Eating locally and audio interviews of locals are the focus of two new columns at Lakeland Local. Tammy Wright started the third of her columns with an introduction to Lakeland’s version of the local eating movement. Using snippets of previous broadcasts, Shannon Lanier introduced readers to her popular Listen Lakeland audiocast. Local business has received […]

Revolution in Egypt? Pshaw. The Devores Had Fun In Lake Wales

• Approximate number of words devoted to the unraveling of a vitally important–but complicated–U.S. ally in the Persian Gulf region, with major implications for U.S. gas prices, our soldiers deployed in the region, and who-knows-what-else: 1,250 • Number of photos or graphic elements: 1 • Approximate number of words devoted to first person accounts of […]

What Would You Like Covered in 2011?

We’ll break tradition and not publish our 2010 in Review  until January. We want to end 2010 looking forward to 2011. What will be the top Lakeland and Polk County topics for 2011? Of course, the all-volunteer staff at Lakeland Local can’t cover everything. Many of us cover what interests us and hope many Lakelanders also […]

Ledger Endtimes, Part 2: The People and Their Leaders

I’m a big believer in an aphorism known as “The Iron Law of Institutions.” It was coined by blogger Jonanthan Schwartz, who stated it like this: The Iron Law of Institutions is: the people who control institutions care first and foremost about their power within the institution rather than the power of the institution itself. […]

Ledger Endtimes, Part One: Time For Skip To Go, Too

This will burn every bridge I have remaining with Ledger management. But it doesn’t matter much. The nature of the newest layoffs clearly suggest that The Ledger’s days as a daily print product are numbered. Within two years, maybe sooner, expect The Ledger to compete with Lakeland Local full-time as an online-only magazine. But trust […]

USF Football

I was reminded this past week that Polk County includes more graduates of the University of South Florida than from Florida State and University of Florida combined.

I was also informed that the coverage of the USF Bulls is lacking.

So, to replace our coverage of the Lakeland Flying Tigers, I’m going to watch every minute of the Bulls season and bring our readers the inside scoop.

Then I realized I’d have to watch football.

Instead, each week I’m going to link to the best writing I can find on USF Bulls football. Pre-game, post-game, new media, old media, teenage media. All the Bull I can find.

For you.

Just check the tabs on the sidebar Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Instead of, you know, the usual bull you find in this column.

Have Laptop, Will Travel

For those who may not know, Lakeland Local is not-for-profit. That’s what happens when you don’t see out subscribers or advertisers.

It doesn’t cost as much as putting out main stream media, but I’ve been content to cover the cost of publishing. However, writing for this new media is a solitary life for the most part.

I’ve worked out of my home office since arriving in Lakeland, and frankly, the view has grown stale.

Lakeland Home Sales Pick Up for June 2009

Sales activity has picked up for Lakeland’s Real Estate market with increasing sales since March 2009 recording 169 Lakeland homes sold in June. An increase from 156 homes sold the previous month and more importantly a 14% increase from the previous year. Our interactive map and the report from Realtor Petra Norris inside…

Lakeland Police Change Beats

The Lakeland Police Department is changing their beats to improve officer assignment and response flexibility. In the past, LPD utilized smaller single officer assigned beats. Two or three officers will be assigned to each of the new zones. LPD Lieutenant Jody Sisson, who participated in the remapping project, says the new beats allow officers to work together in between calls to target problem areas.

Tomorrow’s Polk County Meetup Update

In the case of a rain delay, the Lakeland Flying Tigers have offered to find us cover. (Where depends on how many come to the meetup. A suite can hold 25 or so, for example.)

If the Flying Tigers game is rained out tonight, there may be a double header tomorrow…which usually starts at 5.

If there are no games at all, and the ballpark is completely closed, look at LakelandLocal.com, Facebook events, and on Twitter at @lakelandlocal, @chuckwelch, and @polknetizens for the fall back choice.

When you go to the park tomorrow, tell them you are getting the $3 Polk Netizens ticket.

Read the original post inside for more info and directions…

Polk County Social Media Mixer

The Polk County Netizens are at it again with a get together for fun, food, and conversation. Every six weeks they hold a mixer for those interested in all forms of new media. If you write a blog, publish a news site, tweet, journal, or send smoke signals you’re invited to join the Netizens at Joker Marchant for a special Lakeland Flying Tigers game. Details in the full article…

Lakeland City Truck Stolen

The city water utilities division needs your help. It seems the driver didn’t listen to any of the many Lakeland Police Department reminders, and left the keys in a city truck while he ran into a convenience store. As you’ve deduced, the truck was gone when the city employee ran back out.

The truck was stolen this morning from the 2000 block of East Edgewood Drive. Based on the description, we believe it is the location inside:

Social Media: What is it? How can it help your business?

If you read Lakeland Local by visiting the site*, you’ve seen the tab labeled “Lakeland Short Reports.” I post those short reports using a tool called Twitter.

If you’ve not heard of it, just imagine instant messaging that has broken free of the one-to-one restriction. It’s one of the tools in a style of communication lumped together as “social media.*” The gist of social media is a style of communication that is not bound by outdated methods of publication restricted to practitioners who “buy ink by the barrel.” In other words, the same communication we’ve had all along, but now you can reach greater numbers.

Sufficiently confused? Read more inside….

Lakeland Tweetup/Meetup for March 31

Lakeland area bloggers and other social media users are all invited to the next “tweetup/meetup” on March 31st at 7pm. We’re taking a more laid-back approach this time. No presentations teaching the wonders of Twitter. Just a group of social media fans with the opportunity to meet in person. It’s a chance to mingle with Lakeland’s social media cutting edge.

We’re trying a new meeting place this month. Barry Friedman, the Ledger’s Managing Editor/Digital, offered the use of the Ledger’s lobby. He’s going to supply refreshments, and offer tours of the Polk County newspaper of record. To help me let Barry know how many to expect, please comment below if you plan to come. Or email me at tweetup [at] lakelandlocal.com, or send me a tweet at @chuckwelch. (Map & directions inside)

This is No Joke

“The sites will be heavily focused on citizen journalism. They will invite the public to submit short films, artwork from their children, calendars of neighborhood events and wedding announcements, among other features.” — Who was the Wall Street Journal writing about? Read the rest of the story…