Gaming out The Ledger’s “change in our editorial position”

You may or may not have seen new Ledger Publisher Kevin Drake’s “Open Letter to Readers” editorial on Sunday. If you missed it, you’ll be relieved to know that during his month as publisher, “it has become obvious to me that Polk County is a special place.” We can all breathe a little easier knowing […]

In Which Billy Eats Some Crow About The Ledger

In a rather harsh article that came out almost exactly one year ago, I declared: “Within two years, maybe sooner, expect The Ledger to compete with Lakeland Local full-time as an online-only magazine.” I was responding to The Ledger’s decision to dump salary, errr, lay off a number of long-term, experienced employees–including a couple of […]

Blueberries, Transparency and, of course, Baseball for Week 17

On Lakeland Local for Week 17: The Illusion of Transparency in Gifts to Legislators was Kemp Brinson’s take on a column published by St. Pete Times columnist Howard Troxler on April 23rd. Citrus Building Sold to TLC Church was the first local report of the sale. Kevin Bouffard had the story the next day. A […]

2011 Week 4

12 in 6. Not by design, Lakeland Local has published 12 articles in each of two of the four weeks of 2011. The other two weeks carried 15 and 9 articles. Math majors will point out those two average to 12. We try to publish Monday to Friday, save for this weekly media roundup on […]