Help Lakeland SPCA Win Million Dollar Makeover

The Lakeland SPCA needs your help, and you can do it with very little effort on your part. Simply visit and create an account so you can vote for our local shelter to be the recipient of a $1 million makeover. The last time I checked, the shelter was in 15th place. We can […]

$29 Adoption Special At Lakeland SPCA

The Lakeland SPCA will celebrate its 29th birthday on Sunday, Sept. 14, Noon to 4 p.m. and they will celebrate with a special- $29 adoption fees for cats and dogs. The deal is only good that day, so don’t drag your feet on taking advantage of this offer. The Birthday Bash is open to the […]

Foster Puppies from the SPCA

I had a dry spell for a while, but the Lakeland SPCA called last week to see if I could foster any of the 15 puppies that weren’t yet old enough to be adopted. I agreed to care for three six-week-old puppies. Believe it or not, these are all siblings: This is the little girl. […]

More Foster Puppy Pics

I am absolutely foolish over these puppies I’m fostering for the Lakeland SPCA. They couldn’t get any cuter!

SPCA Foster Parenting- Three Puppies!

On Friday, I picked up three more puppies from the Lakeland SPCA to foster. This little cutie above is the male. He’s sleeping on an elephant squeaky toy that my dog Callaghan feels should be his to play with. Don’t you just want to squeeze him when you see this picture?! This is one of […]

SPCA Foster Parenting Ups and Downs

It was just a matter of time before it happened, and Saturday was the day. My two foster puppies, Bindi and Moe, had been with us since Wednesday. In the four days they were here, Bindi continually acted less animated than Moe. She was smaller, so I thought maybe she was just a bit weaker […]

SPCA Foster Parenting 3.0

Today I picked up two more puppies from the Lakeland SPCA. These are three weeks old and part of a litter of seven. I immediately noticed the first puppy (I’ve named him Moe) smelled bad- not like he’d just gotten dirty, but like old funk. The second puppy (I’m calling her Bindi) was covered- and […]

SPCA Foster Parenting 2.0

The Lakeland SPCA called me yesterday to see if I could foster two more puppies. They got in a litter of 12 puppies yesterday- yep, that’s 12 puppies in one litter- and another foster family brought back two puppies because caring for six puppies was too much to handle. So I agreed to take the […]

Bonnie & Clyde Ride Again

UPDATE: Bonnie and Clyde were adopted by the same family the day I returned them to the SPCA! It looks like these two will have a very merry Christmas. My sweet little puppies-on-loan will be going back to the Lakeland SPCA on Tuesday. I’ve fostered them for the past three weeks, and now that they […]