Big Top City Hall

2009 Dec 24 #3

It appears the circus is in town today. This morning workers started erecting a tent over Lakeland City Hall. It’s not the circus though. City Hall has a bug problem, and nothing as exciting as listening devices. The bright yellow and white tent is to allow the city to fumigate the building to eradicate termites.

Lakeland Local photographer Tom Hagerty was on the scene to take a few photos of the process. Here’s the full set of photos.

City Hall will reopen Monday, December 28th.

Creative Commons License photos credit: Tom Hagerty for Lakeland Local

A Final Pair of Questions for the Mayoral Candidates

In my continuing effort to give you a peek behind the scenes, here’s an email I sent Friday to the two Lakeland mayoral candidates: We’re in the last days of the campaign. On Monday and Tuesday I’d like to have a chance for Lakeland Local readers to see something from each of you. However, by […]

Not Another UFO

UFO?The Goodyear blimp is in Lakeland today. That reminded me that just under three years ago the Met Life blimp sailed through Lakeland. I posted a playful piece entitled Lake Hollingsworth UFO Incident.

The fall-out? Numerous off topic comments about UFOs from “true believers” and the photo at left is one of the most viewed on the Lakeland Local Flickr stream.

So, the obviously parody was taken seriously by some. I wonder what they thought of this report:

Goetz Pulls Out of Race for Lakeland City Commission

Posting on his Facebook account this evening, James Goetz made the following announcement:

For the health and well being of my family, friends and self, I pulled out of the race today. It deeply saddens me to have to do so. However tomorrow the sun will come up and a new day will begin. I thank you all for your support and confidence.

At this point, it has been not confirmed that Goetz filed the necessary paperwork to officially end his campaign for the commission seat.

More information will be posted here as it becomes available.

Update: (10/14 at 2:30 am): The Ledger has published that Goetz officially withdrew:

Goetz, as the city’s procedure requires, gave a signed note to City Clerk Kelly Koos to quit the race.

“At this time, I will be withdrawing from the 2009 District D city commissioner election,” the note said. District D covers the southeastern part of the city.

State of Downtown

Last week the Downtown Lakeland Partnership held their annual “State of Downtown” luncheon. The Ledger’s Rachel Pleasant filed the story. I was there, but didn’t cover the meeting. I was doing a little work for DLP.

For those who may have missed the luncheon, inside I have a few snapshots, the video part of the presentation by Tamara Sakagawa (community redevelopment agency manager for the City of Lakeland), and a link to PDF of the brochure that formed the hub of her presentation.