Detroit Tigers Spring Training Opens Today

[box type=”shadow”]Editor’s note: The Detroit Tigers open their 76th season of Lakeland-based Spring Training this afternoon. Photographer Tom Hagerty has spent some time at the team practices this year. You bet he has a few photos…[/box] A Kaline Solo A Leyland Duo   A Verlander Solo A Fielder Quartet   That’s just a taste of […]

Each Spring Lakeland is Tiger Town

A BackChannel video and Tom Hagerty’s 2011 Spring Training Photos [box type=”shadow”]The BackChannel Film Crew This is the fourth edition of BackChannel, our collaboration with with Lakeland-based NFocus, producer of feature films, corporate videos, commercials, events and more. Working with Lakeland Local staff and area students, NFocus is branching out into spot news and feature […]

Nick Castellanos Signs with the Tigers

A player sure to make his way through the Gulf Coast League Tigers and the Lakeland Flying Tigers is Nick Castellanos. Drafted yesterday by the Detroit Tigers, Castellanos received a $3.45 million dollar signing bonus. The Miami native is seen as a third-baseman by the Tigers, who paid Castellanos the highest signing bonus ever for […]

2010 Tigers Merchandise on Sale Saturday

She's A tigerJoker Marchant Stadium will be hopping Saturday. The Detroit Tigers merchandise store will open from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm. The club promises to have a selection of the 2010 gear. The store will also be open Feb. 15-20 from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm. While you’re there you can pick up Spring Training tickets.
Joker Marchant Stadium is located at 2301 Lakeland Hills Boulevard in Lakeland. For more information, please contact the Tigers at (863) 686-8075.

Tigers Fantasy Camp Tomorrow

Don’t get too excited, but there is time to see a fantasy camp tomorrow. A baseball fantasy camp game. Wait. What other kind of “fantasy camp” did you expect? At 10 am Saturday morning, the Detroit Tigers fantasy camp attendees will culminate a week of training by taking on the Tiger greats. Participants scheduled to […]

A “Real Live Pink Bat” Gets A Shot

Yesterday, Norine Rathbone had her wish. She tried out for the Detroit Tigers with a couple of hundred men, and no one treated her like a lady. “It was so much better than I expected. They were ballplayers who treated me as another ballplayer,” Rathbone said after the full day tryouts at Joker Merchant Stadium….

Swinging for the Fence

Close your eyes and simply listen to Norine Rathbone. You can hear the excitement, the determination, the understanding that this is her shot, and she plans to make the most of it. Five minutes talking to Norine Rathbone and you’re convinced she can do anything. Even play baseball for the Detroit Tigers. At 51. After surviving breast cancer.

Detroit Tigers Spring Training

So you say you’re stuck in the snow in Michigan? You’re not going to make the games this year? Well, we’re here to help. Lakeland Local photographer Tom Hagerty is often on the scene. (We can’t be there everyday. It’s not like we do this for money.) Sooner or later, we’ll publish a picture of […]