The Big 3 Must Go; and Other Thoughts on Rescuing Lakeland from Itself

I haven’t written much about the meltdown at LPD because The Ledger has done an exemplary job dogging the story. The reporters and editors and even business management deserve kudos for keeping at it and committing lawyers and money. Well done. But now that it’s all exploded — and I’m back from the old country […]

Winning! Week 10

Week 10 saw the announcement that Dan Stetson was leaving the Polk Museum of Art and a paean to Palatka. Lakeland Local flirted with joining forces with the Seminoles, but instead continued our money-free existence and we took a look at the ramifications of Bush and Rice at SEU. Lakeland Local columnists took on sociopathic […]

Mayoral Forum – Live Tweets Redux

During the Downtown Lakeland partnership sponsored Mayoral Forum, I “live tweeted” the questions and answers to and from the candidates. I sent about 56 tweets in about 60 minutes.

The nature of Twitter is 140 characters, with the AP Stylebook thrown out the window. So, as Rod Stewart once sang, “please pardon my grammar.” Read the tweets inside…

Have Laptop, Will Travel

For those who may not know, Lakeland Local is not-for-profit. That’s what happens when you don’t see out subscribers or advertisers.

It doesn’t cost as much as putting out main stream media, but I’ve been content to cover the cost of publishing. However, writing for this new media is a solitary life for the most part.

I’ve worked out of my home office since arriving in Lakeland, and frankly, the view has grown stale.

Lakeland Home Sales Pick Up for June 2009

Sales activity has picked up for Lakeland’s Real Estate market with increasing sales since March 2009 recording 169 Lakeland homes sold in June. An increase from 156 homes sold the previous month and more importantly a 14% increase from the previous year. Our interactive map and the report from Realtor Petra Norris inside…

Red Light Camera Money Matters

The red light cameras we’ve written about since March 2007 are now live in Lakeland. This morning the first 9 cameras started shooting citation photos and video. As previously noted, there will be no grace period. Check the end of the column for a list of our previous articles on Lakeland’s red light cameras. This article has been updated. Please see Red Light Cameras Money Matters More

Lakeland Police Change Beats

The Lakeland Police Department is changing their beats to improve officer assignment and response flexibility. In the past, LPD utilized smaller single officer assigned beats. Two or three officers will be assigned to each of the new zones. LPD Lieutenant Jody Sisson, who participated in the remapping project, says the new beats allow officers to work together in between calls to target problem areas.

Lakeland Florida Homes for Sale Listed 05/10 to 05/16

58 homes were listed for sale in Lakeland last week. We have an interactive map containing the usual data: bedrooms, square footage, bathrooms, and asking price. Each datapoint also links to the Google Street view of the address. Check our full post for the map and a report from Petra Norris…