#Ferguson, Lakeland, and the Johnson Avenue shootout you didn’t hear about

[Update: Just had a very productive and welcome discussion with an LPD detective.] I was sitting in my interior living room Saturday evening, sipping a gin and tonic, absently watching “Angels and Demons”, and trying to avoid compulsively thumbing through Twitter for #Ferguson tweets. It’s always more soothing to watch fictional ritual torture and murder […]

Of “bad” parents and “bad” schools, Part 2: When “choice” really means “blackmail”

Occasionally, a small story cuts through our national haze of abstract moral bullshit to reveal clearly the reality of life on the ground for much of America. So meet Debra Harrell, the South Carolina McDonalds-within-a-Walmart worker the state arrested at work for allowing her 9-year-old to play alone in a nearby park for two consecutive […]

Of “bad” parents and “bad” schools, Part 1: You have no idea what your school grade means

Quick. Can you explain to me how the state calculated your school’s grade? I didn’t think so. There’s a metaphor in that I’ll be exploring in the next couple/few posts. But I want to start with the grades themselves, which came out not long ago with mercifully little ado. I do think we’ve reached peak […]

Thanks for Nothing, Glenn: Behold the Conservative Values of Your Community Newspaper

Throughout the Lakeland police and government scandal, Ledger Editorial Page Editor Glenn Marston consistently synthesized and distilled for easy consumption the key moral points contained in the massive volume of official reports and news gathering. In a world of derpy, tired, fake ideological punditry, Glenn’s analytical strength and elegant writing stood out. The Ledger proudly […]