Don Gifford walks among us

Don Gifford is a former Lakeland city and Polk county commissioner. He’s a well-known contractor and self-professed Christian. And he posted this on Facebook on Tuesday. “Islam is a cancer on humanity that, left unchecked, will kill it’s host.” [CQ spelling] He received approving likes from — among many others — a former Lakeland police […]

Poo flingers and whiny babies: of power, honesty, and discourse on campus and America

I’ve had two fairly recent personal experiences with “free speech”-related kerfuffles. 1) I attended the Leadership Lakeland Alumni forum at Grasslands a while back concerning the strong/executive mayor effort, of which I am a supporter and public advocate. Leadership Lakeland brought in a former Miami city manager to speak about his point-of-view, which was generally […]

The Johnson Avenue Stabbing, part 2: a year’s worth of questions for LPD Chief Larry Giddens

After I posted my first dispatch on the Johnson Avenue stabbing, I got some pushback from a Facebook friend. She quoted an anonymous law enforcement officer suggesting very reasonably and non-specifially that I just don’t understand all the intricacies of police work and public communication in aftermath of an event like the stabbing. Fair enough. […]