Matthew Dockery: 6 Questions – 6 Photos – 6 Captions

[box type=”shadow”]Here’s a sneak peak at a piece from the inaugural Lakeland Local magazine. In the mag, we had to edit Matthew Dockery’s piece for space, but readers get the whole kit and caboodle…. [/box] Matthew Dockery is a Lakeland phenom. Hometown supporter, skateboarder and man-about-town, Dockery’s site, L-Town Breakdown, attracts Lakelanders from every […]

George Harris Memorial Arch Construction Begins in Munn Park

Tonight, as your stroll through Munn Park for First Friday, take care not to wander into the bright orange fence at the corner of Main and Tennessee. Where once stood two potted plants, there are now two deep holes. Here’s why…

Childhood Lost and Remembered

Sherry manages a hotel in the Tampa area and spent some of her formative years in Lakeland. Recently she took a short trip back here and a long trip down a memory lane full of cinder block shelters, stately homes, and dark shadows. It was a transitional time in my childhood. This is where I […]

Frances Langford

She was the Sweetheart of the Fighting Front and today would have been Frances Langford‘s 94th birthday. The singer/comedian from Lakeland was best known for introducing “I’m in the Mood for Love” and radio’s The Bickersons. NPR’s All Things Considered had a very nice report when she passed almost two years ago. There is a […]

Father of the Bride

While searching Craigslist, I stumbled on something I just had to repost here. I am a keyboard working musician, (jazz, swing, oldies, cocktail music, church pipe organist) who has a daughter getting married in June at the Music Ranch in Lakeland. I want to swap my music services in exchange for a instrumentalist (small band?) […]

Rally for Peace

Yesterday, Polk County Citizens for Peace and Justice sponsored a rally against the war in Iraq. They were in front of Southgate. I stopped by as it started, and though the crowd was sparse, the "honk for peace" sign generated some noise. The protest marked the fourth anniversary of the entry into Iraq by American […]

Have you discovered the artist within?

Danita Raulerson has a goal set beyond running her successful businesses, The Artist Within. She wants to make a difference in her home town. She hopes to help disadvantaged Lakeland youth discover their own artist within. Raulerson owns and operates two stores downtown on Kentucky Avenue. The established location handles home decor and antiques. Last […]

Hide the laundry and sweep the deck

We have guests. It’s Christmas season. A lot of us are having family in for a White Christmas. Yes, blinding sun and white sand makes for a festive time. With all the folks unfamiliar with our roads and odd traffic rules — during rain speed limits are doubled for residents and halved for visitors — […]

Yes, your vote counted…

If you voted in one of my precincts…your vote counted. I can’t guarantee you picked the correct candidate. Yesterday was a long day. I started out at 5 a.m. and made it home just before 10 p.m. — after a stop for dinner. I covered six precincts, and helped out once in a seventh. For […]

Lakes, phosphate and oranges. Oh my!

It seems the very first Miss Teen USA pageant was held in Lakeland in 1983. The video above was a “tour” of Lakeland by the reigning Miss USA, Julie Hayek. From the video you’d think all Lakeland had to offer was phosphate, oranges, and lakes. For those who like to play “Where are they now,” […]