Dixieland Post Office Off Closing List

2009 Oct 3 #46Yesterday, United States Postal Service (USPS) officials released their current list of stations and branches under review for closing (pdf). Once slated for closing, the Dixieland Post Office has been removed from consolidation consideration.

In recent weeks, Lakeland residents had signed a petition to save the branch. In their press release, the USPS did not address why specific branches were off the list. At the start of the process, the USPS examined approximately 3,300 branches. As of December 14, 2009, 170 branches are now part of the USPS “Station/Branch Optimization/Consolidation (SBOC) Initiative.”

Creative Commons License photo credit: Tom Hagerty for Lakeland Local

George Harris Memorial Arch Dedication Set for Thursday

Local first reported the news of the George Harris Memorial Arch on February 6th. At that time, Anne Furr, the director of the Lakeland Downtown Development Association, hoped the arch would be finished for a dedication in late April or early May.

The arch was completed ahead of time. The public is invited to the dedication this Thursday, April 2nd, at 5pm at the SW corner of Munn Park. (Before view of the corner.)

First Torture, Now Mountain Dew Bombs: “24” Rocks

From ABC 28 News: LAKELAND, FL — The attorney for one of the suspects in Monday’s bomb scare says his client and two others were actually making a commercial for Mountain Dew.

Kenneth McCollom says the suspects are three drama students who were shooting a commercial for a contest sponsored by the soft drink maker called “24 Seconds to Save the World.”

Here’s the contest in question. The winner gets his or her commercial played on the “24” season finale. You too can blow up/maim swarthy terrorist types for entertainment.

George Harris Memorial Arch Construction Begins in Munn Park

Tonight, as your stroll through Munn Park for First Friday, take care not to wander into the bright orange fence at the corner of Main and Tennessee. Where once stood two potted plants, there are now two deep holes. Here’s why…

Plan the Trip

The great philosopher Joe Jackson once sung, “You can’t get what you want till you know what you want.” That’s what Lakeland Vision is doing. Helping the residents of Lakeland codify what we want for our city. It’s easy to sit in the back seat and and complain about our politicians, companies, and media, but the complaints fall on deaf ears if we citizens aren’t driving the car. Through boundless imagination, focused planning, and cooperative effort, caring citizens can drive Lakeland. At least until it’s time to hand the keys to our children. […]

Lake Hollingsworth Drive Resurfacing

Update: Sorry, mixed up LH Drive and LH Road. They’re starting with Lake Hollingsworth Drive, the one around the lake. The Lake Hollingsworth area is getting road resurfacing this week. Lake Hollingsworth Road Drive is up first and then a couple of side roads after. You might want to stay out of the area for […]

New Street Signs Promote Dixieland

You might have recently noticed new street signs popping up on South Florida just south of downtown. The red and white signs are a part of an effort to publicize the Dixieland Community Redevelopment Area (CRA). The Dixieland CRA (map) is not to be confused with the Dixieland Historic District (map). The Dixieland CRA was […]

Lakeland Neighborhoods

Over the years Lakeland has grown by piece and parcel. The Lakeland Community Development Department (LCDD) has identified 50 neighborhoods though much of the old city limits. I’ve created a Lakeland Neighborhood Boundaries Map based on the LCDD’s map. It isn’t perfect. The LCDD uses official city parcel maps to fix the neighborhood boundaries. However, […]