FSC History Series: Come for T.D. Allman’s Bluster; Return for Mike Denham’s Awesomeness

This will be the first Lakeland Local post ever written over Amtrak Wifi, while rolling through the seedy areas of southern Connecticut cities on the way to New York. So I will not get the chance to see firsthand tonight if TD Allman’s outsized ego will fit into a building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. […]

Filming Endure

pole_endureFor a few weeks I’m volunteering for NFocus, a Lakeland company making an independent film here in town. It’s my job to handle writing for their official “behind the scenes” site, Endure. I’m also tweeting what I can at @enduremovie. I’m shooting a lot of photos for the production, though some can’t be published. C’est la vie.

The crew shoots from at 7am to 7pm, so I can’t be on the set at all times. The other day I was visiting a friend who lives near one set and spotted those young women watching production. With Devon Sawa in the film, they’ve had quite a few bystander scenes like that one.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Chuck Welch for Lakeland Local

Plan the Trip

The great philosopher Joe Jackson once sung, “You can’t get what you want till you know what you want.” That’s what Lakeland Vision is doing. Helping the residents of Lakeland codify what we want for our city. It’s easy to sit in the back seat and and complain about our politicians, companies, and media, but the complaints fall on deaf ears if we citizens aren’t driving the car. Through boundless imagination, focused planning, and cooperative effort, caring citizens can drive Lakeland. At least until it’s time to hand the keys to our children. […]

Downtown at Dusk

Make plans to meet with other area professionals tomorrow night. The Downtown Lakeland Partnership is hosting Downtown at Dusk, a free networking event at the Lake Mirror Tower from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm. The DLP promises you’ll get to “mingle with friends and fellow downtown professionals with cocktails, appetizers & door prizes.” They had […]

Obama at 3:30?

I’m heading over to a “a home dealership in Lakeland” that I understand has a lot of pretty new flags on the grounds. Evidently it also has numerous police cars and a pair of Orlando TV station vans parked nearby. Pictures to come if I can.