Grammy Nominee Coming to Lakeland Tonight

Da’dra Greathouse will be performing live in concert at Tree of Life Family Church (TLC) tonight, Thursday June 4 at 7:00 p.m.

Da’dra Greathouse is part of the international and multiple award winning duo “Anointed”. She has received many Stellar Awards, Dove Awards and multiple Grammy Nominations to name only a few of her accomplishments.

New Way to Get Your Bagged Ice

There are boxes to get your movies, outside boxes to store your extra junk, and now a box to get bagged ice. Keep reading to see the pics.

Winning Mountain Dew TV Commercial Shown

Back in March a few local college students caused some commotion when they were in the process of making a commercial for the Mountain Dew contest. (see video surveillance cam video)The winner was actually 2 guys from Minneapolis and one of them just happened to work at a TV station. Peter Nelson and Brock Lauritsen’s 24 second commercial was shown on the season finale of “24”. They won a trip to LA and $2400. Read more and see the making of here, as reported from the Minneapolis TV station, WCCO.

Frosty the Cat – Lakeland Minute

My neighbors cat greets me every day after work. This is how he acts and I did not have to say a word to get him to do this…

‘Round the last bend – Lakeland Minute at the Lakeland Derby by Darby

The Annual Lakeland Derby - What you missed on the lake, well just one minute of the event so be sure to go next year!

Lakeland Minute – The Arts Are Alive in Lakeland!

I’ve been enjoying reading about our local arts community at our sister site Arts.LakelandLocal so I just had to get a sneak peak at what Meredith was writing about – Innovations Dance. They let me take my video camera in…

Update: Tickets are now buy one get one free. Read more here.

Mooooovin’ On Up (video)

Another Lakeland Minute — 60 seconds of video from somewhere close to home…

We raised the price because of the economy.

I was recently in the Merchants Walk Plaza here in Lakeland. One of the stores I went into was the “Dollar Star”. I was shocked when I was told the final price of the items bought. The price of dollar only items in the Dollar Star has risen. One typical item now costs $1.18. The […]

Lakeland Minute: Polk Museum of Art & Polk County Tax Collector Kids Tag Art

Polk Museum of Art hosts the 2009 Kids Tag Art Awards of Distinction. See the entire selection of winning tags and purchase your own at the Polk County Tax Collector web site, also view the exhibit calendar on the same web site. The specialty tag look-a-likes are designed by Polk County 5th graders in public […]

Lakeland Minute: Lisa Butler

Darby Critendon shot a Lakeland Minute of singer Lisa Butler at the February First Friday. The video is inside….

Downtown Lakeland’s First Friday

It’s not hard to forget what night the shops and restaurants stay open late during this event, after all it’s in the title. Experience downtown Lakeland during First Friday – the first friday of every month, 6-9pm! February 6 has the theme of “Open Mic Night”. There will be plenty of music and entertainment going […]

Love BBQ?

If you love bbq you won’t want to miss this years Lakeland Pig Festival! It’s all happening Friday and Saturday (January 30-31). Bring your cash and exchange for pig bucks. That’s the only way to buy food and drinks. The Lakeland Pig Festival is also…

Lakeland Minute: Circle B Bar Reserve

Darby Critendon recently woke up early to spend some time at Circle B Bar Reserve. She shot a Lakeland Minute at 7:20 am on Lake Hancock.

Battle of the ‘Bots

USF (Lakeland) Polytechnic hosted the FIRST Tech Challenge this weekend. It’s a mid-level robotics competition for high school students. Over 15 teams had a long day at the USFP campus. Tom and I were both on hand to take pictures and I made sure to take video. Enjoy!

Have You Seen This Kitten?

This homemade “Kitten Found” poster caught my eye and I just had to share. Have you seen this kitten?

The Rodeo Comes To Lakeland

The Americom Pro-Rodeo Classic presented by Mid-Florida (credit union) will be at The Lakeland Center Friday, Jan. 16 and Saturday, Jan. 17. I went last year and it was awesome! From The Lakeland Center Website – The Americom Pro Rodeo Classic a great place for families, groups, corporate outings and Die Hard Fans! Your destination […]

New Season of TV Shows!

What TV shows are you most excited about coming back brand new? Bones, House, American Idol (Lorrie, Chuck)? How about 24! I know I always enjoy when 24 is back with new episodes, not only because of “Jack”, but I go to my neighbor’s house for the 24 viewing party! We have been having 24 […]

10 Ways To Reuse Your Plastic Bags

As part of my 2008 New Year goals I wanted to use less plastic bags. I think I did pretty well only using 26 plastic bags, which means I used the green bags and saved 123 plastic ones (yes I kept track.) I did not plan on shopping at this store tonight so I did […]

Christmas Shopping Horror Stories? Share Yours!

It’s all happened to us or someone we know. Although what my neighbor told me last night was ridiculous. He said Best Buy was only taking cash. NO credit or debit cards. Only cash. Was the credit card machine not working? Nope, according to my neighbor, only cash. And no signs were posted at the entrance alerting customers. Hope this was just a one night thing….

I Am Not A Cook

I am not a cook, but I have to try. All my friends know this and they do encourage me because most times I do try to get out of cooking. But not this time, I was ‘forced’ to bake. It was not just as simple as taking a frozen dinner and putting it into the microwave.

Relive the Lakeland Christmas Parade!

2008 Dec 4 parade #12Lakeland Government TV (LGTV) will be re-broadcasting the 2008 Lakeland Christmas Parade on the following days and times. If you are in Lakeland and have cable, watch LGTV on Verizon FiOS channel 43 and BrightHouse channel 615. Can’t watch it at the times below? Leave a comment with a good time for you to watch and I will pass it along to the good people at LGTV.

Thursday, Dec. 11, 7:00pm
Friday, Dec. 12, 8:00pm
Saturday, Dec. 13, 10:00am and 7:00pm
Sunday, Dec. 14, 7:30am and 10:00pm
(will let you know about more dates when available)
And on Christmas Day, Thursday Dec. 25 at 10:00am and 6:00pm.