Driving Into The Rain – Lakeland Minute

In this latest edition of Lakeland Minute the video is a car driving into the rain, the view from the window…Have you checked out Metro I4 News? They have more videos as well! Such as a new video series on Martinis being made for the Music & Martinis Event.

What Lakeland Minute do you want to see next?

Hello From Frosty The Cat (video) – Lakeland Minute

Frosty was outside having fun today chasing a dragonfly and getting his belly rubbed. Watch the video of this cute furball, even if you are not a cat person it’s still cute…

Dinner Games – Lakeland Minute

Dinner Game – How many can you leave on the board without cheating? (Look for a new video tomorow at Metro I-4 News.)

Sneak peak into a new Diner

A new diner will open soon and I have a few pictures of the inside. If you drive by it now the windows have brown paper on them. It will join the other business in the Highland City shopping plaza such as the Subway, Chinese food, a chiropractor’s office, a party store and of course Publix. Keep reading to find out the name and see the pictures.

Sandhill Cranes Walking – Lakeland Minute

Sandhill Cranes Walking…

Welcome to PSC – Lakeland Minute

Have you driven by the PCC Lakeland campus lately?

Italian Cappuccino Martini – Lakeland Minute

Ever wondered how the award winning Italian Cappuccino Martini is made? Matthew Harman, GM of Brima, has a special talent for creating unique mixed drinks and this is just one of his winners.
Check out this latest edition of Lakeland Minute, featuring David Christopher, mixing the drink.

Summer Ice Skating?

Yes, ice skating in hot Florida this July! The Lakeland Center will be cool this summer with Ice Skating. Be sure to mark your calendars –

July 10-11 2pm-5pm, 7pm-10pm, 11p-1am
July 12-16 2pm-5pm, 7pm-10pm
July 17-18 2pm-5pm, 7pm-10pm, 11p-1am
July 19-23 2pm-5pm, 7pm-10pm

Cost – $7 Adults (includes skate rental), $6 Children 12 & under (includes skate rental), $5 bring your own skates (Free parking).

Sunshine State Games – Lakeland Minute

And the games have begun in Polk County. Did you know that the Sunshine State Games have badminton as one of the competitions? Watch this Lakeland Minute to see how this game is a fast sport.

Grammy Nominee Coming to Lakeland Tonight

Da’dra Greathouse will be performing live in concert at Tree of Life Family Church (TLC) tonight, Thursday June 4 at 7:00 p.m.

Da’dra Greathouse is part of the international and multiple award winning duo “Anointed”. She has received many Stellar Awards, Dove Awards and multiple Grammy Nominations to name only a few of her accomplishments.

New Way to Get Your Bagged Ice

There are boxes to get your movies, outside boxes to store your extra junk, and now a box to get bagged ice. Keep reading to see the pics.

Winning Mountain Dew TV Commercial Shown

Back in March a few local college students caused some commotion when they were in the process of making a commercial for the Mountain Dew contest. (see video surveillance cam video)The winner was actually 2 guys from Minneapolis and one of them just happened to work at a TV station. Peter Nelson and Brock Lauritsen’s 24 second commercial was shown on the season finale of “24”. They won a trip to LA and $2400. Read more and see the making of here, as reported from the Minneapolis TV station, WCCO.

Frosty the Cat – Lakeland Minute

My neighbors cat greets me every day after work. This is how he acts and I did not have to say a word to get him to do this…

‘Round the last bend – Lakeland Minute at the Lakeland Derby by Darby

The Annual Lakeland Derby - What you missed on the lake, well just one minute of the event so be sure to go next year!

Lakeland Minute – The Arts Are Alive in Lakeland!

I’ve been enjoying reading about our local arts community at our sister site Arts.LakelandLocal so I just had to get a sneak peak at what Meredith was writing about – Innovations Dance. They let me take my video camera in…

Update: Tickets are now buy one get one free. Read more here.

Mooooovin’ On Up (video)

Another Lakeland Minute — 60 seconds of video from somewhere close to home…

We raised the price because of the economy.

I was recently in the Merchants Walk Plaza here in Lakeland. One of the stores I went into was the “Dollar Star”. I was shocked when I was told the final price of the items bought. The price of dollar only items in the Dollar Star has risen. One typical item now costs $1.18. The […]

Lakeland Minute: Polk Museum of Art & Polk County Tax Collector Kids Tag Art

Polk Museum of Art hosts the 2009 Kids Tag Art Awards of Distinction. See the entire selection of winning tags and purchase your own at the Polk County Tax Collector web site, also view the exhibit calendar on the same web site. The specialty tag look-a-likes are designed by Polk County 5th graders in public […]