Lakeland City Commission Adds Fairness and Inclusion to List of Principles and Values

Commissioner Walker saying that breakdown of principles & values have resulted in the decline of this country. #lkld — Lakeland, Florida (@lakelandgov) June 2, 2014 In some respects, I agree with Commissioner Walker. The breakdown of principles and values cause the decline of many countries. We may not agree about that exact list of principles […]

Your City Hall Just Lost a Leader

Tamara Sakagawa, community redevelopment manager for Lakeland since 2002, has resigned. Sakagawa, 40, oversaw the redevelopment of Dixieland, downtown and the midtown redevelopment areas.Sakagawa declined Thursday to discuss why she is leaving her job. Her last day will be April 11. — The Ledger In that resignation, Lakeland lost the person most responsible for making […]

Hate-Filled Group of Humans Makes Claim to Disrupt Lakeland High School Graduation

This is not a news article. This is commentary. There’s a “church” in this country that wants to spread a message of hate. Tonight this group of people made an announcement that they planned to disrupt the Lakeland High School Graduation on June 1st. Since they don’t want to take the trouble to send a […]

Lakeland City Hall – You Have a Perception Problem

Perception determines reality. Some see an disheveled, wheezing old man on a bike struggling to ride up Tennessee and think “homeless.” They may steer clear of him. Or honk and tell him to get a job. While others will recognize the man as the leader of BikeLakeland and wave. (Of course, some still honk and […]

And….we’re back!

“….the defunct Lakeland Local, a hyperlocal news site.” Well, maybe not. We’re back. Why? Simple. I’m moving out of town. Hold on. That’ll make sense in a moment. I created Lakeland Local to simply chronicle my explorations of my new community. I bought the domain before we moved here in May 2005. Instead of exploring […]

Flying Tigers Play Small Ball to Defeat the Yankees 4-2

On Saturday night, the Lakeland Flying Tigers hit-and-clawed to a 4-2 victory over the Tampa Yankees. Wade Gaynor’s double drove in two runs in the top of the second. In the 5th, Tyler Collins’ double scored Dixon Machado while Nick Castellanos reached home on a wild pitch. The Yankees were able to scratch out a […]

Questions on Myers’ Use of the Great Seal of the State of Florida

The headline is in red and all caps: STOP LAKELAND FROM ADOPTING LIBERAL, WASTEFUL SAN FRANCISCO STYLE VALUES – ACT TODAY! That’s the headline above a letter recently addressed “Dear fellow conservative” and footnoted as “Political advertisement paid for and approved by Jack Myers, Republican, for State Senate.” The text of the letter has been […]