Correction: Debra Wright did not attend the LeRoy School Board Meeting

I want to note for the record that Debra Wright did not attend Friday’s School Board meeting concerning Kathryn LeRoy’s future. I mentioned a report that she would in my previous column. My intent was simply to welcome her and start a dialogue.

Luckily, I was able to exchange email notes personally with Mrs. Wright later in the day. She told me was wasn’t coming and that she would trust the School Board to make the right decision.

I should have updated my column immediately with that information. I did not. For that, I apologize. And I’m correcting it here.

I’m very excited to talk with Mrs. Wright about her ideas for the new superintendent and overall direction of the district. But I wanted to note this for the record.

4 thoughts on “Correction: Debra Wright did not attend the LeRoy School Board Meeting

  1. My thoughts on the next Superintendent… Okay… She is gone! (Our school superintendent) now it’s time to heal and move forward! However, I will say this! She brought several people with her from Duval County who knew her personally and shared HER vision in education. (And you know how well that turned out!) I am not saying to get rid of them too, but to proceed with caution. Our community has been embarrassed by her actions. The morale of our employees is at an all time low. The next person who leads our county needs to be keenly aware of those facts. We need to move forward with someone who can protect the integrity of our profession. Someone who will bring healing. Someone who can continue to have high expectations for our students, yet understand the developmental needs of all students. (Despite what Common Core promotes, students do not all learn at the same pace!) Someone who values the teachers and will NOT micromanage them. Someone who will TRUST the principals and the teachers without a constant stream of district and state officials scrutinizing everything. That is so demoralizing! Get back to area or assistant superintendents that are there to truly support and uplift their principals and teachers and NOT just be an “eye” for the superintendent. I KNOW much of what happens comes from state and federal pressures…. BUT…. We need a superintendent that will fight some of those state and federal pressures and restore our faith in a system that is out of control with testing and mandates! It IS possible! if you agree, please feel free to comment and/or share!

  2. Hi Billy,
    I would like an opportunity to meet with you or your newly formed citizens group, or both, to discuss how we can better involve our community in the process of selecting the next superintendent and, more importantly, how we can better connect with, and engage, our community moving forward.
    Thanks so much,

  3. Due Process is a foundational principle of our system of governmet. While Mrs. Leroy was afforded her right, the citizens did not have the benefit of their reciprocating due process. The investigation was shallow at best. When Mrs. Leroy gave sworn testimony in direct conflict of other witesses, there was no follow up by the investigators. Untruthfulllness during an administrative investigation is basis for immmediate dismissal, not “total exoneration”. There is also the Florida Department of Education’s Code of Ethics. Sworn testimony from the investigation appear to document violations of the code of ethics. The district is obligated to forward ethics violations to the Florida DOE. Penallties can include can include the revocation of an educators certification. The investigation disclosed a leadership style of Leroy that places little value on anyone outside her inner circle. This circle includes Bird, Bowen, Bellamy and Reddick, all of whom valued her leadership style enough to follow her from Duval County. The leadership mentality of “The Jacksonville Five” is one of solidarity. Just as good administrators were retired and moved to make way for Dr. Leroy to get a fresh start, now is time for Leroy’s inner circle to step aside.

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