What Changed for Gow Fields?

The 2013 Mayoral race is history and Gow Fields lost to Howard Wiggs. I’ll leave it to Billy Townsend to tell you why he lost. (I’ll bet it has something to do with the mess at the Lakeland Police Department and City Hall.)

I have some numbers for you:

• There were 3847 more votes in 2013 than in the 2009 Gow Fields – Jim Verplanck runoff election.

• Of those votes, 3429 were absentee ballots. That means a mere 418 more voters showed up to the polls Tuesday.

• Which leads to the fact that 51.17% of the votes in the 2013 Mayoral Election were absentee votes. Compare that to 35.31% in 2009.

• So, Gow Fields must have lost because of the absentee votes, right? No, I don’t think so. Yes, he finished with 298 fewer absentee votes than Howard Wiggs, but he only dropped a mere 1.17% in the absentee vote count between 2009 and 2013. Say what? Ok, look at the chart below

What else can we learn from the numbers?

• Gow Fields certainly gained more votes in 2013 than 2009 against Verplanck, but often Wiggs far out-paced Verplanct.

• Wiggs outpaced Verplanck in all precincts save 204, 205, 206, 228, 233. But where his totals topped Verplanck’s showing, they topped by quite a bit.

• Gow Fields improved his totals over his opponent in only five precincts (117, 205, 220, 225, 233) And only in the 233rd did it amount to double digits (45 votes).

• By percentages, Fields dropped by over 20% in precincts 217 & 223.

• Wiggs especially hurt Fields in precincts 217, 223, 224. The swing from 2009 in each of those precincts was over 100 votes. Precincts 221 & 231 were close to 100 swing votes each.

That’s enough for now. I’ll have a few more interesting numbers for you to look at later…