Hate-Filled Group of Humans Makes Claim to Disrupt Lakeland High School Graduation

This is not a news article. This is commentary.

There’s a “church” in this country that wants to spread a message of hate. Tonight this group of people made an announcement that they planned to disrupt the Lakeland High School Graduation on June 1st.

Since they don’t want to take the trouble to send a press release to the proper groups, they made the announcement on their website and sent notice by twitter to Lakeland Local…and USF in Lakeland. OK, we’re part of the media, but USF doesn’t have a class graduating that day.

I figure they just grabbed some Lakeland accounts that looked like they might be influential organizations in Lakeland. Well, strike two for them.

I’m reprinting the announcement below. It has been edited. (Why? Because I don’t want to spread their URLS and contact information. And they used a word I don’t want on this site. I’m not the government. I can censor all I like. I own the place.)

If you’d like to find the original announcement, it shouldn’t take more than a few seconds.

Right after the announcement tweet, a Twitter account from a self-proclaimed hacker put Lakeland Local and USF in Lakeland on notice to “Get ready to get hacked. #DDOS” Another person who didn’t want to do simple homework. They and others thought that Lakeland Local was affiliated with the full-tilt loonies claiming they’ll disrupt the graduation. We are not.

Will they actually travel to Lakeland to disrupt a high school graduation or is this another attempt for attention and press?

I don’t know. Lately they’ve made a habit of making these announcements and then not showing. Or canceling after they received enough media attention.

Well, they’ll get precious little attention from Lakeland Local.

If it looks like they’ll actually come to Lakeland, I’ll stay in town just to help form a human wall around them. I’ve dealt with hate-filled bullies all my life and I know how to blunt their message. I won’t respond with anger or fear. I won’t comment on their message. I won’t acknowledge their existence. I’ll just stand between them and the Lakelanders who just want to graduate or see their family members graduate. I hope some other Polk County citizens join me in making that buffer.


10 thoughts on “Hate-Filled Group of Humans Makes Claim to Disrupt Lakeland High School Graduation

  1. I don’t see this listed in their picket schedule, just as a press release on their website. Hopefully, they won’t appear. Those people need to get a job. lol

  2. Honestly, I don’t see this happening the past 6 months they have been posting a lot of pickets and fulfilled about 10% of them. So hopefully, they are just using this as an empty threat.

  3. If they do show up, I’m sure the sane public will outnumber them. A buffer would be the perfect thing between these lunatics and our students.

  4. This is Polk county, 9 our of 10 chance they wouldn’t just be buffered but get the hate beat out of em.

  5. I hate the fact that they are doing this. The kids deserve a proper graduation without it being disrupted. I will say if they do end up picketing it the FSC safety (old men) will actually have to do their job which will be the first time in history that they cant sleep on their golf-carts

  6. I hope they show up, it won’t turn out well one way or the other…either Grady will get them or the people will. What’s wrong with these people , messing with kids graduations?

  7. The worst kind of democrats. Their protests are usually preceded by some noteworthy news event. Has anything happened at these schools that I missed? Something they would take “interest” in?

  8. Show em that 863 hospitality. Maybe well be the county to do it

  9. Keeping my eye on this organization as I work w/a local GLBTQ youth group. A review of their “Picket Schedule” shows no mention of the graduation (that picket was announced on their Twitter feed) however, they do list a handful of Lakeland churches.


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