Michael McArthur’s Night of Him and You and Many More

Back in October 2011, we supported Michael McArthur’s Kickstarter plan to fund his first EP. Well, the album’s ready and McArthur is having a show to kick it off. We thought it’d be interesting to sit down to an email dinner as he prepares for the show…

Art courtesy of Michael McArthur


• Under what Amazon category would you file your music? MM: Pop

• What would you point to as the start of your career in music? MM: I’ve played music for 10 years now, but mainly just for me. The moment I decided to step away from my role at Black & Brew was the moment it was real.

• Who your influences? Check your mp3 player. What are the last 5 songs recently played? MM: My earliest memories of music are Michael Jackson’s Thriller on cassette, a double disc live album from Stevie Wonder, and Boyz II Men’s II on cassette. I burned holes in all of those. They’ll be lifelong influences. The last five songs I’ve listened to are: “Sweet Life” – Frank Ocean, “Queen of California” – John Mayer, “Visions” – Stevie Wonder, “I Don’t Care” – The Roots, “So What” – Miles Davis

• Who would you like to open for on a national tour? MM: It’d be a dream to open for John Mayer.

• Who locally do you go see play? MM: If Woodale got back together, I’d be the guy in the front wearing a Woodale shirt, holding a poster that says, “I love you, Matt”, screaming like a little girl.


• How did the songs change from your demos to the finished product? Did you get recorded what you originally heard in your head during writing? MM: The only song that really took on a new life was Lose My Mind. I spend a lot of time creating fully fledged out demos at my home. Lose My Mind was the only song that I demoed as an acoustic version. I did this so I could see what would would come of creating in the studio.

•Will you be able to recreate your recorded sound at the show or will you go for something different? MM: Since the EP release show will be the first time I play with a full band, we’re doing our best to recreate the recorded sound. I’ll get in to mixing things up down the road.

• If we could send you back to the studio to record a cover — what would you choose? MM: It’d be cool to cover something that’s polar opposite of me, and rearrange it a little. Like when Johnny Cash covered Hurt by Nine Inch Nails.

• What’s next? Tour? Back to the studio? MM: I’ll definitely be performing a lot more after the release. The purpose of this EP is really just to create some awareness about my music. I’m going to let it take me as far as it wants to go. I’ll do my best to get the record in front of as many ears as possible, the rest is up to the music.


• What are the details? When & where is the show? MM: Saturday, August 18th, 2012 at Preservation Hall in downtown (215 East Main Street, Lakeland). Doors open at 7pm and the show will start at 8pm. $10 admission at the door, and you get a free copy of “The Year of You and Me”.

• What do you like about the venue? MM: The best thing about the venue is that it’s in my favorite part of Lakeland. Downtown.

• What kind of show should people expect? (A sit down unplugged? A stand up and dance? Mosh pit for 40-year-olds?) MM: I wonder what that would be like. – A mosh pit in the middle of slow and 6/8 Love Is Gone. If one breaks out, I’ll assume that you started it, and I’ll crowd surf. Six guys will make up the band for the release show, and the venue is standing room only. Nancye Blair will be opening, just her and a piano.

• What do you hope to hear someone say after the show? MM: I’ll always be grateful for compliments, but what I care about most is the show being good enough that people remember it.