There’s no Lakeland history save for what we remember, what we save. For the past six years Lakeland Local has tried to promote the alternate voices of our city. The influencers, the soft-spoken, those with a lot to say or something that just needed to be said have found a home on Lakeland Local.

Our focus is on the written word. What about the visuals? Lakeland Local never had a design that I felt could focus on the photographs. The beautiful images from Tom Hagerty were often lost in the quick turn-around of the articles.

Recently, I realized we needed a Lakeland Local for the photographers in our midst. Those who see Lakeland in 1000-word bites. Enter Much like Lakeland Local, we hope to make it the place for all Lakelanders to express their vision, to promote their work.

We’ve started with a small cadre of photographers whose work I’ve long admired: Laura Davis, David Dickey, Matthew Dockery, Wayne Koehler, Dean Koulogianes, Michael Maguire, Bob Rosinsky, and, of course, Tom Hagerty. There isn’t a strict publishing schedule at SnapLakeland. The photographers will add photos as the mood strikes. Check pack often to see some of their favorite photographs of Lakeland and Lakelanders.

[box type=”info”]I’m also working on a method for Lakelanders with smartphones to quickly share their interesting and artistic snapshots with SnapLakeland viewers. Look for that tool in May.

If you’re a Lakeland-based photographer and would like to promote your work, please email me at [/box]