Sharon Burnett is the Soap Magician

Handmade soap

Sharon Burnett is the Soap Magician. She’s on-stage twice-weekly, but you won’t find her in Las Vegas. She appears at the Downtown Farmers Curb Market. It’s not illusions she sells, but handmade soaps. Burnett became the Soap Magician out of necessity. Allergic to commercial soaps, she learned to craft her own.

Burnett promotes the use of oils, butters and botanicals from around the world to make her soaps. “I offer a variety of vegan soaps, as well as Goat’s Milk soaps, glycerin soaps, and even soap for your doggy,” she’s written.

At her stand she also features her homemade crocheted cotton bath accessories. A natural extension to her line is scented soy and paraffin candle melts and container candles. Stop her stand and learn about the benefits of all-natural soaps. Just don’t ask her to saw anyone in half.

The Downtown Farmers Curb Market is open Wednesdays from 11am to 2pm and Saturdays from 8am to 2pm. Here’s the map & directions. Parking is plentiful downtown at the Main Street Parking garage, on the street or in one of the close-by metered lots.

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Creative Commons License image credit: Melissa Venable

4 thoughts on “Sharon Burnett is the Soap Magician

  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful writeup and for stopping by my table today (Wed., 3/7/12) to let me know you did this just for me!  BTW I now carry a line of soap that is made using beer, both local and from around the world.  And, yes, it is really made from beer.  Gives an abundance of bubbles and rinses clean.

    See you any Wednesday or Saturday.  Just follow your nose to the best aromas at the market.

    Sharon Burnett
    The Soap Magician

  2. Have you done the Poor Porker yet? You should also feature Scotty! And the cutting boards from light house!

  3. I love homemade soap.  Good luck with your business venture.

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