Detroit Tigers Spring Training Opens Today

[box type=”shadow”]Editor’s note: The Detroit Tigers open their 76th season of Lakeland-based Spring Training this afternoon. Photographer Tom Hagerty has spent some time at the team practices this year. You bet he has a few photos…[/box]

A Kaline Solo


A Leyland Duo

20120226-120 20120221-39_Leyland

A Verlander Solo


A Fielder Quartet

20120224-923 20120227-158



That’s just a taste of the 2012 Spring Training photoset…

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Creative Commons License photo credit: Tom Hagerty for Lakeland Local

2 thoughts on “Detroit Tigers Spring Training Opens Today

  1. I grew up with Tom in Detroit and know he is in “Tiger Heaven” living where he is and doing what he does!  Go Get ‘Em Tom (and Tigers)!

  2. Went to a game today. They have a very inconsistent policy about food being allowed in. Many people brought food it but selective few were told no. Either it should be strictly enforce (which is impractical) or abolished altogether. I’ve taken food into Rays games and Braves at Disney with no problem. Here they want to arrest you.

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