“Age of Barbarity: The Forgotten Fight for the Soul of Florida”. Please buy it now.

After much self-promotion and reference here, Age of Barbarity: The Forgotten Fight for the Soul of Florida is now ready for purchase for $25 from the CreateSpace online store.

Here is the link. This is print-on-demand. You buy with a credit card; they ship to your house. I will be exploring locations to sell hard copies. If anybody is interested, please contact me at bitown1@gmail.com.

The book will be available on Amazon in a few days. And I’ll have an e-book version for Kindle in about a month. But I make about $7 more per book if you buy from CreateSpace. (Price is the same; my cut is bigger.) So if you love me, you will buy it now from CreateSpace.

In case I haven’t made it clear enough in recent months, here’s the description of the book, as it appears on CS:

A near civil war swept Florida, and much of America, in the wake of World War I and Prohibition. It pitted white versus black, Protestant versus Catholic, wet versus dry, and savagery versus civilization.

Age of Barbarity: The Forgotten Fight for the Soul of Florida is the untold story of this civil war, as lived through the eyes of the people who fought.

Florida’s conflict saw the storming of jails, the maiming of Catholic clergy, and the fierce resistance of patriots, black and white.

The battle for modern Florida climaxed in an unlikely place: the small river city of Palatka. The Florida Ku Klux Klan reached the peak of its power there in 1926. And it was there that men and women of bravery and desperation dealt the Klan its most significant defeat.

The multi-racial, multi-faith Florida we know today, much like the America we know, emerged from the crucible of the extraordinarily violent 15-year period between 1915 and 1930. The men and women of Palatka, Florida — soldiers, lawyers, workers, and business leaders — did far more than their share to bring it about.

We should remember their names.

If duty to history and some of the greatest Floridians you’ve never heard of isn’t enough to motivate you, consider my financial well-being. I have put $853 of my own money into this self-publication effort. It’s the best $853 I’ve ever spent. But, I would like to get it back. If the 105 people who like AOB in Facebook buy it, I’m in the black — sort of.

Seriously, I’ve dedicated a huge part of the last four years of my life in this book. I’m proud of it. Mostly, I’m honored to tell the stories of people who are the equals in every way to Rosa Parks and Wyatt Earp and Clarence Darrow, who did deeds of song when no one was around to sing them. If you care about your country and state, I humbly think this book will affect how you think about both.

And I promise you, you will feel better about the country you live in today — and its capacity to fix itself — if you read this book seriously. American life has been worse. And we can fix mistakes. All it takes is a little courage and sacrifice. Thanks.

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  1. Interestingly enough… this post is the first time that I thought I might want to read this book. Specifically because of the very last paragraph. It seems so optimistic of you.

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