Merritt Is In and Walker Returns

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If you were watching Twitter last night*, you read that Keith Merritt defeated Elliott Dorsch and Phillip Walker narrowly escaped a run-off election as he bested Ricky Sarah and Christopher Dobson.

As we do after every election, we took a look at the numbers. Here’s a few ponderables we noticed:

• There were 25 precincts last night, plus the early/absentee vote. Merritt failed to capture a mere three precincts: 201, 205, 210

• In each of five precincts (224, 117, 229, 223, 228) Merritt defeated Dorsch by more than 50 votes. His plus margin in Precinct 224 was 101.

• Merritt took home 59.89% of the Tuesday votes, but only 51.93% of the absentee/early voters.

• Eight precincts (224, 117, 235, 228, 236, 221, 120, and 217) accounted for 50% of Merritt’s Tuesday votes.

• Shirah won nine of the precincts in his three-way race with Walker and Dobson (117, 217, 229, 230, 119, 201, 121, 211, 220) — Walker captured the remaining 16.

• If Walker had to rely on Tuesday votes alone, he would have squeaked by Shairah 49.97% to 39.56%…and would have been forced into a run-off.

• It was the absentee/early votes that helped Walker. He took home 2194 early votes for 53.42% of the early votes cast. Enough to save him from that run-off.

• If every Dobson supporter had joined the Shirah team, Walker still would have won 3788 – 3509.

Here are the final results for the NorthWest and NorthEast races

Here is the list of precincts and a slightly fuzzy precinct map

Creative Commons License photo credit: Chuck Welch for Lakeland Local

* – You did tune-in to Twitter for Lakeland Local’s live coverage of precinct results, didn’t you?