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  1. Greed is good, but it’s usually balanced by the fear of loss. Taxpayer money in the form of bailouts tempers that fear and enables riskier behaviors. The current political system enables this crony capitalism to our collective detriment. Until we can scale back this monstrosity that our Federal Government has become the bailouts will keep coming fast and furious. Corporations spend Billions on lobbying and political donations to get themselves voted the power they want. Don’t like your $5 Bank of America Debit card surcharge? Thank Walmart and the Retail Association of America who lobbied to get the maximum debit card fee down to 21 cents, which is lower that the costs of the transaction in most cases. BoA debit users are now, indirectly, subsidizing Walmart shoppers. What else were the banks going to do, just take the hit in their profits and the losses on their stock price?

    For those of you on the Left, you’ll never get the Angels that you believe will finally run government efficiently and to our overall benefit. You just keep voting for bigger government and government just keeps getting less and less efficient.

    For those of you on the Right, the state apparatus that you build in the name of protecting people from themselves is being used against us all. You just keep voting for bigger government and government takes more and more of our power.

    A pox on both your houses.

  2. Wow I’m impressed. I never thought that anyone in Lakeland had any backbone. I moved here from up north 17 years ago and made this beautiful town of Lakeland home. But once I settled in I realized just how spineless Lakeland’s residents really are. Honestly I’ve never lived in an area there the people are so complacent, so willing to accept anything and everything what they almost appear to be stupid. Ask yourself just what will it take to ignite some sort of response in you, some fight, some reaction. I mean look at you people you are being raped by your own elected officials and you just accept it and keep putting them and their good old buddies back in office.
    Example: The Commissioners and Lakeland Electric have been stealing from each and every one of you for years and have you done anything? Well here’s your chance stand up and hold every elected official responsible for your electric bill. Tell them that you are removing them from office because of unfair treatment from Lakeland Electric and see just how fast things change. Let’s get for real on 10/15/2011 there was a huge car show in Lakeland with approximately 30,000 attendees. Now if that same 30,000 people happened to show up in the center of Lakeland and demand the removal of every incumbent from the congressman to the dogcatcher everything will immediately change.
    It all starts with you do something.     

    • gary you are so right…lakeland electric has an account with city hall, who pays the people there? my heart breaks when your job slows down they dont care,my son-in-law feels for the people who lost jobs..he has one only needed extentions….but know your only allowed 2 a year…now power cut off…4 little children under the age of 7..this man is a good provider for his family…say can ya get the word out….this small book i have is called…Economic Solutions/ by Peter Kershaw,this is a must read book for the people, it tells how our government started with taxes and then as you read you will see the GREED

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