Lakeland’s First Asian-American Festival Tomorrow


On the Frances Langford Promenade

They are the 1.4 per-cent.

At least according to the 2006 population estimates. They are the Lakeland Metro Area’s Asian and Pacific Islander population. Tomorrow, one Asian-American organization is hosting a free festival aimed at highlighting many Asian cultures.

“It’s a lot of work. This is the perfect time for us to do it. The community is growing,” said Laura Jain, a spokesperson for Sunday’s Asian-American Festival. A Polk County resident since 1979, Jain is a member of the Filipino American Association of Polk County Inc. Though her organization is focused on Filipino-Americans, they wanted the first local festival to highlight as many Asian cultures as they could.

With that thought in mind, the Sunday festival will include entertainment by Filipino, Vietnamese, Japanese and American local talents. Jain said the festival has also booked a Tampa Filipino martial arts master. Jain explained his group will demonstrate a style of martial arts rarely seen in Polk County — Filipino Combat Systems.

Jain said the day will also include a Filipino native band, costumes from different Asian countries, musical and dance acts from Vietnamese, Cambodian, Korean, Japanese, and other groups. In addition to the entertainment, various food vendors and children’s activities will be highlighted.

The festival is Sunday, 1pm – 5pm on the Frances Langford Promenade on Lake Mirror.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Tom Hagerty for Lakeland Local

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  1. Very cool. I didn’t know about that. Not sure I can go because of youth baseball obligations, but would definitely go otherwise. Just another example of egalitarian coolness of this city at its best. Anybody who says there’s nothing to do is blind.

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