Lakeland Local in Print? Yes!

Lakeland Local - Downtown Edition
Volume 1 Issue 1

If you’ve been downtown in the past couple of weeks, you’ve noticed the cover at right. If not, stop by your favorite Lakeland merchant and ask for your free copy of Lakeland Local – Downtown Edition.

If she doesn’t have a copy, ask her why she wouldn’t want to grace her store with local publishing gold. (OK, sometimes silver, but occasionally platinum.)

After she tosses you from her establishment leave a comment here, tweet your disappointment, make a status update or read the magazine online.

(I suggest finding an issue at your next favorite merchant rather than reading the magazine online. I’ve corrected a couple of subtle typos in the online version and you’ll want your own copy of the uncorrected collector’s edition.)

I considered using this space to explain why in the world we made a print edition of Lakeland Local. After all, we’ve all heard print is dead. But I decided to tease you a little longer. How it came about is on page two of the magazine. Remember where to find your copy?

“At my favorite merchant?”

That’s right.

Creative Commons License Magazine cover photo credit: Tom Hagerty for Lakeland Local

PS: It’s also online. In case you missed that.

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