Matthew Dockery: 6 Questions – 6 Photos – 6 Captions

[box type=”shadow”]Here’s a sneak peak at a piece from the inaugural Lakeland Local magazine. In the mag, we had to edit Matthew Dockery’s piece for space, but readers get the whole kit and caboodle…. [/box]

Matthew Dockery is a Lakeland phenom. Hometown supporter, skateboarder and man-about-town, Dockery’s site, L-Town Breakdown, attracts Lakelanders from every walk of life. His love of the city and the artful way he sees his surroundings make for an exciting surprise every time you open his site. We asked Matthew to send us six of his favorite photos with captions for each and answer six impertinent questions.

What time of the day or night do you love most about Lakeland? Dusk. Dusk casts down a light on Lakeland that is truly vibrant. A perfect day would end somewhere near the promenade to watch the Florida sun dip beneath the downtown Lakeland skyline and then a short walk to downtown night life. Bliss.

What Lakeland road would you turn into a permanent skatepark? Well this question could really be answered in two different ways. First, in a completely unrealistic way, I would love to see a block of two of Tennessee Ave turned into a skatepark. Now I know this could only happen in my dreams, but to skate in an actual public setting on smooth concrete and the aesthetic of downtown is a feeling that most wont ever experience, but I can assure you is quite fulfilling. Realistically though, I think the old Main street, before they reconstructed it into what it is now, where it wraps around Lake Mirror and the new skatepark is, this would have been and still could be an amazing location for a skatepark. Not a heavily used road and overlooking Lake Mirror. Plus, being so close to downtown, this would really be a perfect spot.

If you couldn’t take photos, what would you do? If I couldn’t personally take photos, I would post others. Funny how the L-Town Break Down, which started as just my own personal project where I could keep a collection of my own little Lakeland treasures, whether mine or someone else’s, has received the attention it has. Highlighting Lakeland’s rare beauty is the real passion. Not the taking of photos itself.

What sound wakes you in the morning? Ah good question. My window unit air conditioner and my lovely neighbors screaming grandbabies. I promise I don’t mean “lovely” in a sarcastic sense, Vickie, my neighbor, is one of my favorite people on this planet, but honestly, I wake up most days to those grandbabies screaming their heads off. That and the radiating vibrations coming from the air conditioner. Daily, yes.

What question most surprised you on L-Town Breakdown? Over the last couple years, I’ve received a multitude of questions regarding what I do and some just completely off the wall. Best question yet: “Would you still keep a blog if there were no followers or anyway of knowing people were looking at it?” And the reason this is my favorite question is because it was the basis for my favorite answer. You’ll have to check the archives for it sometime. Good stuff.

What Lakelander would you like to meet for lunch? You know I love my fellow Lakelanders so this is hard to pick. Lets me just be quick and go with Faith Evans so she could tell me in person about being married to Notorious B.I.G. back in early 2000s. This would be an “epic life moment” for sure. Yes, I have an “epic life moment” list.

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Lakeland like to think of itself as an artful place, and I don’t mind it one bit.
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If I ever were to turn into a house, I’d be this one’s twin. Easily my favorite downtown Lakeland historic home.
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Living in downtown (and very near this historic Lakeland building I love) the best way to get around is trusty old Lemonade Cruiser here. We have a love love relationship. No hate.
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Once upon a time this gentleman known as Abraham Munn would have given me funny looks for taking pictures with an iPhone thru the lens of my sunglasses like this.
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Lakeland’s own little “Hand Holding” plaza looks over Lake Mirror. I love it.
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I guess you could call this my own kind of “19th” hole. Red Door Wine Bar and Market
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