Serious People Do Their Jobs — And Get Better Results

I’m not going to belabor this, but it’s important to point it out.

obama-kills-osamaWhile Dennis Ross was tweeting “Pres. just said he will veto CR to fund our troops because Planned Parenthood & DC abortions are not funded. Shows his radical priorities,” the actual President of United States was carefully and secretly weighing the intelligence and risks surrounding killing a man in a foreign country who had actually waged war against America.

Barack Obama’s top radical priority seems to have been to kill Osama bin Laden. He was willing to risk his entire presidency to achieve this priority. Can you imagine what opportunists like Ross would be tweeting now had it gone wrong? I wonder if Dennis will publicly revisit his assessment of the Kenyan Secret Muslim Socialist’s priorities now. But I don’t wonder long.

Check out the picture below. That’s what radical priorities look like as they’re exercised.


And, overshadowed by the bin Laden raid, the federal response — otherwise known as FEMA — to the deadliest tornado outbreak in America since the early 1970s is winning widespread praise from the people affected. That won’t come as a surprise to those of you who know that the serious person currently running the country hired Craig Fugate — another serious person — to run FEMA. Fugate, you may remember, was Jeb Bush’s emergency management director during the 2004 storms. He’s long been considered among the finest emergency management directors in the country. Given the chance to hire a FEMA director, Barack Obama chose Jeb Bush’s man because he was good. That’s being serious.

The non-serious person who ran the country prior to Barack Obama had the same chance to hire a FEMA leader. He chose the Arabian horse show marketer Michael Brown. I know this will anger the sociopathic Randians among you, who root for government to fail when it’s not helping you, but leadership matters in any organization — government or otherwise. Hiring people who care about their current jobs, not their next one, is hugely important.

The divide in this country is not really left and right or Democrat and Republican, it’s serious and not serious. Adam Putnam is a serious person; Jeb Bush, for all his cronyism, is a closet serious person, who made tough, fact-based governing decisions on how the Department of Corrections and Child Protection functioned during his term. (Go look them up. They were complicated.) He could have ignored them. He allowed Craig Fugate to do his job to build a solid organization.

But by and large, when we consider the serious vs. non-serious divide, there’s a a reason why Barack Obama is a Democratic president and Sarah Palin and Donald Trump and Rush Limbaugh are important, thriving figures within the Republican party. There’s a a reason why Dennis Ross feels the need to Tweet: “Pres. just said he will veto CR to fund our troops because Planned Parenthood & DC abortions are not funded. Shows his radical priorities”

When serious people govern, better things happen than when clowns govern. Dennis Ross used to know that, back before he became a fake Teabilly sniping with petty silliness at the serious people doing their jobs as well as they can. There’s still time to become serious, Dennis. I can’t imagine the food in the House cafeteria is so good that it outweighs the satisfaction of governing effectively.

Creative Commons License Bottom image credit: Pete Souza / The White House

6 thoughts on “Serious People Do Their Jobs — And Get Better Results

  1. “Steel on Target!”

    Your assessment is dead on: a cultural divide between between serious leadership and silliness. That would explain the whole tragicomedy of the current legislative session as well as the childish gamesmanship of the recent federal budget machinations. Hell, it even explains local political fixation on prayer in public meetings rather than issues of governance and Bob English’s Charter lawsuit currently being underwritten by Sam KIllibrew.

    Gosh, it might even explain arresting a local woman for alleged simulated sexual noises in the privacy of her own home.

    Well said indeed!

  2. While success in FEMA management is laudable, one data point does not a statistical trend make. How short our memories can be. As I recall, Federal response to the Gulf oil spill was not particularly successful. While he might have allowed someone very capable to be appointed to FEMA, as for BO’s other appointments, not so much. Holdren, Orzag, Geithner, Jennings, Van Johnes are/were all disasters.

    Yes, serious people are governing while we’re more than $4 TRILLION in new debt since the start of the BO presidency. Sounds like calm, sober people to me.

    “Barack Obama’s top radical priority seems to have been to kill Osama bin
    Laden. He was willing to risk his entire presidency to achieve this


    How exactly did he put “his entire presidency” at risk? The left has been crowing about the supposed poll bounce that BO’s supposed to get from this. BTW, that doesn’t seem to be happening.

    Face it he benefited from years of hard, dedicated work performed by others. Reading some stories attributed to White House insiders, he barely said “Do it”. I don’t know if that’s true, but it certainly fits my picture of President Present!

    And then they blew the PR! Did OBL fight or not? Was a woman killed or not? Could we have captured him or was it just ordered that he be shot regardless of resistance?

  3. Wait don’t water board him, just put a bullet between his eyes.

    • I can’t know all the factors, but capturing him versus just killing him must have been a difficult decision. Alive and in custody he certainly would have been a significant rallying point for the radicals. That would have potentially been offset by intelligence gains, but who knows what they might have done trying to get him back.

      Of course, we might have him alive somewhere and are just saying he’s dead. Now, that would take a big brass pair…

      Nahhhh, never happen.

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