Pics on the (Frances Langford) Promenade

Tomorrow evening you can stroll down to Lake Mirror to view a Old Dogs. Not our canine friends, but the film staring Robin Williams and John Travolta. They’re on the big screen as part of Pics on the Promenade — a special kind of Lakeland event.

Last April, Cat Carter reminded Lakelanders about Lakeland’s free outdoor theatre. This year the BackChannel crew visited the Pics staff, but one part of Cat’s article is worth repeating:

For all the details check out the official Pics on the Promenade website. I would especially pay close attention to the Parking page (unless like us you can arrive by foot in less then 7 minutes from your house…you should be jealous at this point) and the homepage with insider tips. (We usually bring our own picnic and beverages unless we decide to grab a bite downtown first.)

Ed. Note – Wondering about the headline? Why do we call it the Frances Langford Promenade? You don’t know Frances Langford? Click for your answers.

[box type=”shadow”]The BackChannel Film Crew

This is the eighth edition of BackChannel, our collaboration with with Lakeland-based NFocus, producer of feature films, corporate videos, commercials, events and more. Working with Lakeland Local staff and area students, NFocus is branching out into spot news and feature production. BackChannel’s mission is to provide exciting and interactive video features that highlight upcoming events, new places, and fun activities for the college age and young professional living in the Lakeland metro area.

Producer – Jesse Larson is a producer at NFocus and has recently completed the documentary, “Voices From Mariel”

Camera – Hilmary Gaines, broadcast major at Hillsborough Community College

Host – Kristin Goerl, communications major at Florida Southern College


Creative Commons License front photo credit: Tom Hagerty for Lakeland Local