Week 14 Opens the Season


Zach Burek
Lakeland Flying Tigers GM

The Lakeland Flying Tigers opened their season this week. We added a special section to the front page to display the latest game reports, scores and photos. Plus, if you missed a game, you can always check out our Lakeland Flying Tigers archive.

From this point out on TW3, we’ll list Flying Tigers articles in their own sub-head. First up, Lakeland Local stories this week that weren’t focused on local professional baseball.

Kemp Brinson asked if anyone was bothered by the money made by the NCAA. The readers of March Madness: Exploitation for Fun and Profit didn’t seem to care enough to complain. How do you feel?

Tom Hagerty had a pair of photosets with By Saturday it really was all Sun ‘n Fun and his Spring Training photos in Goodbye Tigers, Hello Flying Tigers. (Be sure to check out Tom’s baseball Fan of the Game photo after each home game. Always on the index page.)

Brandt Merritt followed up his commentary on the importance of state finals to Lakeland with the news Lakeland Retains State Basketball Finals for Three More Years.

Chris Craig penned his final Religion in the City column when he said goodbye with Idol Equation.

Billy Townsend explained the importance of good teachers (and was a proud father) with Shakespeare at Harrison: Talent, Cross-dressing, and Fun. He was less proud of The Sad, Sad Devolution of Dennis Ross.

Chris Kelly explained the evolution of training as we grow older with Centurion Fitness Solution.

Lakeland Flying Tigers:

Before each set of games against a particular opponent, Wayne Koehler pens his “Mission Notes.” A little about the opponent, a little about the expected starting pitchers, team trivia and other news fill the reports. We usually add some of Tom Hagerty’s great photos of the Flying Tigers. Wayne’s first Mission Notes for this season was Lakeland Takes on the 2010 League Champion Yankees.

We also constructed a list of all Lakeland Flying Tigers home games for 2011 by date and opponent. Bookmark it or find it on Lakeland Flying Tigers section head on the index page.

Of course, just after each game ends you can read the game synopsis, recap, line score and box score with Wayne’s reports. This week:

Flying Tigers Win Home Opener 7-5 Over Yanks

Flying Tigers Fall in 10 to Tampa 7-6

Lakeland Falls Short in Home Loss to Tampa 2-1

Legacy Media you might have missed:

The Ledger removed “Classic Peanuts” from their funny pages. (On a personal note: WTH?!) As an all-volunteer, totally unfunded, hyperlocal, we can’t send each of you a strip each morning. But we can help you quickly find each day’s strip with a simple link. Check out the Staff footer of Lakeland Local for the link to one of Schultz’s gems. Those who read our feed should check out the new link at the bottom of each article.

“We shouldn’t forget that government budgets are moral documents. Every decision about how tax monies are to be spent – rifles or schools or food assistance to Sudan or subsidies to build nuclear power plants – carries implications about the nation’s values.” — Cost With Sticking To Your Principles [Cary McMullen]

The focus of today’s column by Glenn Marston is a familiar name to Lakeland Local readers. How Law Steers Polk Governance focuses on Kemp Brinson and his Polk Law Blog. The piece includes a link to an audio interview with Kemp.

Clay Pockets Add $165,000 to Cost Of Edgewood Extension [John Chambliss]

While the headline Bill Targets Law Requiring Local Governments to Publicize in Newspapers is correct, the most important point of Bill Rufty’s article is buried at the end:

The Senate has pretty much dropped its work on the bill, said Sen. J.D. Alexander, R-Lake Wales and chairman of the Senate budget committee.
It helps local governments, but it doesn’t save money in the state budget, which is what we have to be concerned with,” Alexander said.
“I don’t think it is going anywhere,” he said.

Florida lawmakers given a script to defend ‘leadership funds’ [Howard Troxler, St. Pete Times]

Polk Officials Meet With Scott, Legislators [Bill Rufty]

State will launch $1 billion federal effort to help homeowners with mortgages [Ocala Star-Banner]

USF Poly Backers Push for Funds [Bill Rufty]

MACSTEEL Service Centers USA Expands with new facility in Lakeland, Florida

Lose Weight… Get Paid? [FOX News video]

ACLU challenges Fla. foreclosure courts as biased [Bloomberg Businessweek]

Want to see a bit of the nationwide press about Phillip Greaves, who agreed to plead no-contest in exchange for two years of probation?

Congratulations to the EcoGang at Lawton Chiles Middle Academy. They were one of eight “first-place” teams in the fourth annual Lexus Eco Challenge. The school will receive $15,000 for their efforts.

Eco Med, Florida
Team: Gina, Mira, Miranda, Sejal, Abby, Caitlyn
Teacher advisor Debbie Viertel and Eco Gang (formerly Eco Med) polled peers and conducted research, discovering that low levels of mercury were hiding in our everyday cosmetics and the labels don’t indicate that it’s an ingredient. They sent letters to their state’s legislative body and will present at Wheelabrator Technologies Symposium for Environment and Education to help foster change!

Creative Commons License photo credit: Tom Hagerty for Lakeland Local