On Vegetarians, Republicans, Charity and more for Week 15


Runners and Bikers Share Lake Hollingsworth Road
during the first Lakeland Urban Triathlon - April 16, 2011

In addition to full coverage of the Lakeland Flying Tigers this week’s Lakeland Local included…

• a strong commentary on a recent decision to amend SB 1246, which would make it a crime to secretly photograph or videotape a farm – On Vegetarians, Stupid Laws, Whistleblowers.

• a suggestion by one columnist to switch voter registration to vote for a particular Republican candidate — Anti-prohibitionists Need to Vote Republican in 2012 — At Least Once

• It’s really not a given, but some believe it so — Lakeland’s Public Spaces Are Not Just Pretty Faces

• Some believed it to be a 1950s landmark, but readers found out the truth in — Trademark Sign in Downtown Lakeland Gets Facelift

• Recently, business news seems to be about reporting who has closed, but one local company decided to help a Lakelander — Local Restaurant Holds Fundraiser Today to Help Lakeland Mother

• Yesterday, many Lakelanders woke to scores of people running and biking past their South Lake Morton neighborhood homes. We’ll publish another photo set tomorrow, but just after the race we published — The First Urban Triathlon Photo Set

• Fashion and Fitness were featured in a pair of out regular columns — Be Mobile – Stretch Yourself and Professionals, Don’t Leave Your Personal Style at Home


Daniel Fields hits his first home run for 2011
April 15, 2011

Lakeland Flying Tigers News this week:

Lakeland Travels to Dunedin to Silence the Blue Jays

   Flying Tigers Down Dunedin 3-2

   Lakeland Wins Third Straight – Dunedin Falls 5-3

   Dunedin Drops Flying Tigers 6-5

Lakeland Welcomes the Cubs to Town

   Lakeland Defeats Cubs 4-3 with a “Walk-off Walk”

   Flying Tigers Hold Off Cubs 4-3

   Lakeland Sweeps Daytona Series with 9-6 Win

Flying Tigers Welcome Dunedin for Three Game Series

Some legacy news articles you might have missed:

The AP wrote an article on the metropolitan minority shift. Hispanics now out-number African-Americans in 191 metropolitan areas. The stories included the line: “Other places seeing rapid Hispanic gains compared to blacks were Lakeland, Fla”. Not a single report I found linked to the precise Bureau of the Census report. Note that by “Lakeland, FL” the Bureau of the Census means the Lakeland Florida Metropolitan District — which includes all of Polk County.

Now, as I remember my Census Form “race” and “origin” were two different questions, but that’s a question for another day. The Ledger’s excellent Data Central numbers for Polk County inform us that Polk County’s “Hispanic of Latino Origin” numbers grew 131.93% from 2000 to 2010.

According to 2000-2009 stats on the Census Factfinder site, Lakeland was 11.2% “Black or African-American” and 19.8% “Hispanic or Latino (of any race)”.

(The largest percentage change in the city of Lakeland was “Some Other Race” – 138.8%, the largest shift for an identified race was “Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander” – 89.13%. I have to stop. Primarily, because I could play with stats all day and because “percentage shifts” mean little without seeing the raw numbers. For example, Lakeland’s “Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander” population is .09% of the city’s 97,422 residents or about 877 people. That means about 413 “Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islanders” moved to the city the past decade. See how I can go on ad nauseum?)

Side Street May Become U.S. 98, Socrum Loop Link [John Chambliss]

Greenpeace’s Annual Rankings Flunk Publix, Winn-Dixie [St. Pete Times]

Doubt Cast on Central Florida Development Council’s Ex-Leader’s Ouster [Rick Rousos]

Decision on Challenging Polk Commissioners’ Term Limits Put Off [Tom Palmer]

City to Help Lakeland Mass Transit Find New Director [John Chambliss]

Citrus Connection Bus Fares Going Up [John Chambliss]

Lakeland News from Other Sources

Bahamas Out Island Students Salutes Sun ‘n Fun High Flyers

I bet you didn’t know some people redistrict Florida for fun… My first stab at Congressional Redistricting in Florida (Part 2: Central Florida)

Creative Commons License photos credit: Chuck Welch and Tom Hagerty for Lakeland Local