Beautiful Weather, Baseball and BackChannel Make Week 16 Triathlon


At the Child of the Sun Jazz Festival

It looks like the Lakeland Local was out enjoying the weather this week. Week 16 coverage was a lot of triathlon and baseball and just a bit more.

If you found yourself out biking and running, take a few moments today to relax and read Sugar-Coated Reforms: A Budgetary Rant, The Labels Came to Lakeland, Trainer and Therapist: Cooperation, not Competition, and finally, BackChannel Visits Mitchell’s Coffee House.


At the Child of the Sun Triathlon

Triathlon Photo Sets

The First Urban Triathlon Photo Set
Child of the Sun Urban Triathlon Top Finishers
Triathletes Swimming – Biking – Running in Lakeland


At Joker Marchant Stadium

Lakeland Flying Tigers

  Manatees Score 3 in 11th to Top Flying Tigers 9-6
  Cubs Sweep Flying Tigers
  Flying Tigers Fall Again to Daytona
  Cubs Score Early – Hold Lakeland Down for 5-2 Win
Lakeland Travels to Daytona to Challenge Cubs
  Lakeland Defeats Dunedin 8-6 to Top North Division
  Dunedin Drops Lakeland 4-0


On Frances Langford Promenade

Lakeland News Published Elsewhere

Officials Should Ignore Atheist’s ‘Esq.’ is one of Glenn Marston’s better op-ed columns. (And not just because he quoted Kemp Brinson.)

Let’s hope this is a step to better bus service in Lakeland, Winter Haven Area Transit Board Votes to Disband [John Chambliss]

USF Poly Waits For Decision on State Funding [Bill Rufty]

Polk’s First Women-Only Seder Held [Paula Stuart]

Maybe you remember Billy Pate from Cypress Gardens, which was in Winter Haven, not Lakeland, Hall of Fame angler Billy Pate dies at 81

A PR piece titled, Is the Grass Always Greener?, highlights the turf used at Barnett Family Park

Lakeland’s Joel Chandler is helping his brother Robert with an issue in Zephyrhills man sues over cost of city’s A to Z book [St. Petersburg Time]

Rep Seth McKeel was quoted in Elections overhaul passed by Fla. House [Miami herald]

Is “adverse possession” that big a problem in Lakeland? Sen Paula Dockery filed SB 1142 “to prevent abuse of the current adverse possession statute to the detriment of landowners.”. Take a look at the Daytona Beach News-Journal article, Legislators seek fix to laws allowing squatters to take property

Rep Dennis Ross gets his turn in the news, At least one Florida Republican stands by pledge to impeach Obama over immigration, ‘if necessary’ [Florida Independant]

Creative Commons License photos credit: Tom Hagerty for Lakeland Local