Winning with Week Nine


Lakeland High School Tennis
March 3, 2011

Sports played a part in coverage this week with commentary on football recruiting and Cleveland Heights. High Speed Rail received two shots to the back of the head when the Florida Supreme Court ruled that the Governor could turn down the cash and Scott made one last “No and Hell No!” call to the Feds.

(A quick aside: if you follow Lakeland Local on Twitter, you read the phone call news, Supreme Court info and the City Commission reactions as all three played out Friday morning. If you haven’t followed @lakelandlocal then we have to ask in our best Cee-Lo voice, “WWWhhhhyyyyyy?!”)

Of course, high speed rail wasn’t the full extent of our coverage this week. Food played a part with “Grow Something” and “Is Your Diet Making You Crazy?.” (Yes, even we stooped to mentioning Charlie Sheen.)

We started out goodbyes to Chris Craig with “Tattoo My Heart” – a reprint of one of his favorite Religion in the City columns. Through March well reprint four more of his favorites. Good luck, Chris.

Vintage fashion, carriage lofts, new home listings and the rest of the story filled out the rest of the week at Lakeland Local.

Wait, we did have one more high speed rail mention. Way back on Monday Kemp wrote, “High Speed Rail, Meet Gay Marriage

No, Charlie Sheen was not mentioned in that commentary.

Legacy Media:

Former County Commissioner Randy Wilkinson weighed in on Scott’s decision to Just Say No.

Lloyd Dunkelberger profiled Florida’s Top Legislative Leaders. The Ledger liked the article so much they ran it again. (Which reminds me of a letter I need to send out again: Dear Legacy Media, if you update a story, please publish the update on the same URL and reflect the original story has been updated. It’s not just good Internet coding, it’s a good journalistic practice. Love, Chuck.)

Dunkelberger also addressed Major Issues Florida Lawmakers Will Face

Matthew Pleasant & Jason Geary wrote about the arrest of EllenBeth Wachs, a representative of Atheists of Florida. Note the many reader comments. It’s proof that the most comments come when topics require little technical knowledge, but engender deep opinions. (José Patiño also wrote about the arrest for the Tampa Tribune.)

One area where the public has the absolute right to know is the internal workings of their government. Governor Scott evidently believes the public should pay for that right. One solution: simply automatically publish online all governmental correspondence and reports.. Then the cost to view the documents is close to nil. The benefits would be great as the public would be truly informed. Based on my Business 101 class, that’s a great Benefit-Cost Ratio.

Cinnamon Blair’s history articles are always interesting. This week she brought up Lakeland’s Downtown arch.

[box]Don’t forget NEXT Sunday (March 13, 2011) is the start of Daylight Savings Time. Set your clock FORWARD one hour at bedtime.[/box]

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Commissioners Yates, Troller & Walker Welcome Back the Tigers — Tom Hagerty for Lakeland Local

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Friday Night Tiger Fan Appreciation in Downtown Lakeland — Tom Hagerty for Lakeland Local

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