Winning! Week 10

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Checking out the gourds
at Spring Obsession

Week 10 saw the announcement that Dan Stetson was leaving the Polk Museum of Art and a paean to Palatka. Lakeland Local flirted with joining forces with the Seminoles, but instead continued our money-free existence and we took a look at the ramifications of Bush and Rice at SEU.

Lakeland Local columnists took on sociopathic infant rulers, obesity, vintage fashion, G’mores and gardens. We also featured a pair of photosets: 2011 Strawberry Festival and the Hunter Museum of American Art.

Legacy Media:

While much of legacy media this week was gaga over some warlock TV star, there were a few articles you might have missed…

Atheist says arrest baseless, questions timing was part one of a series on the arrest of EllenBeth Wachs. Steve Steiner wrote the piece for the Polk County Democrat. Steiner dipped deeper into the story than any other outlet in town.

High Speed Rail stayed in the news: LaHood reopens high-speed rail project application process to Florida [Kristal Roberts, ABC Tampa], High-speed rail in Florida still barely alive [Janet Zink] and Two Transportation Firms Find High-Speed Rail Would Have Been Profitable [John Chambliss]

In a move to solidify control of the state: House Speaker: Split Fla.’s High Court [Lloyd Dunkelberger]

This week’s WTH? story: Premature labor drug spikes from $10 to $1,500 and a video piece The price of treating preterm labor goes through the roof

You might have missed one or two attractions Jill Schensul visited for her piece: More of the old Florida attractions (I can’t help but wonder why the girl in the photo is wearing a toboggan and mittens.)

Ending Shift, Two Deputies Pull Teen Back from Edge [Jeremy Maready]

Two articles remembered longtime Tigers’ announcer Sandy Shaw: Booming Voice and A Big Heart [Tom Zebold] and Remember Tigers Announcer Shaw [Lonnie Brown]

I didn’t see this in any of my legacy media haunts, but I did see this on the PR Newswire: Summit Donates One Million Dollars for Florida Student Scholarships

I’m working with NFocus so I won’t write about their latest film for Lakeland Local, but I’ll note: Gasparilla Film Festival board members announce selections [Virgina Johnson]

Finally, the slightly deeper pockets of the legacy media are the subject of one recent “letter to the editor:” Keep Pushing For Crimestoppers’ Public Records

Speaking of the workings at the Ledger…Ledger Editors Taking New Roles in Newsroom explains some changes at the newspaper. I’ve heard rumors for weeks about the Ledger hiring new staff and starting an investigative team. Personally, I wish they could have accomplished the changes without the Thanksgiving layoffs.


Leverage — Tom Hagerty for Lakeland Local
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Spring Training at Joker Marchant — Tom Hagerty for Lakeland Local


Creative Commons License nameplate photos credit: Tom Hagerty for Lakeland Local

Creative Commons License gourd photo credit: Chuck Welch for Lakeland Local