We Are Ruled By Sociopathic Infants

ak47 girlJust saw this on the St. Pete Times Buzz Blog. Powerful State Senator John Thrasher, also a huge lobbyist for the CSX deal, is making a big show of fighting the NRA over keeping Ak-47s off college campuses — or something.

It’s all because some friend of his had a family tragedy involving an AK-47, and gosh we must protect little rich Republican kids at college from open carry laws that everyone else here in Florida needs to be sure to duck from. And believe me, I’m sure he’s got no problems with AK-47s in Wabash. More guns, less crime, right?

Thrasher wasn’t there. But behind the scenes, he let his stand be known. “I oppose this,” he said. “It’s beyond personal for me,” Thrasher said. “Any other time I might support something like this, but I just can’t. Two families lives have been destroyed by this. It’s so unbelievably sad and personal and emotional.”

“Any other time I might support something like this…” Just think about the profound sociopathicness of that statement for a second or two. If it’s fine for Floridians to roll strapped from Yeehaw Junction to Overtown to Crestview, why would we exclude our precious little rich kids at college, including my own next year, from the joys of heat. DonkeyRock, Lorrie, can I get an amen?

I guess guns don’t kill people, fraternities do.

The right kind of kid gets killed, and “oh, it’s so personal.” Guess what, there are a billion personal anecdotes deriving from the crony capitalist developer swill pushed by John Thrasher, probably the most significant politician in the last 15 years in Florida not named Bush. He could learn about them if he bothered. But let me assure you, you ain’t the right kind of person to register with his personal conscience.

See if you can conjure who is.

How many different ways do we need to be told there’s a class war on? As a guy who dwells at the very bottom of the top 15 percent, who are sticking it as hard as we can to rest of you 85 percent “below”, I’m winning for now. But they’ll come for us upperclass pretenders, too, eventually. I’d rather be on your side.

By the way, the Thrashers, husband and wife, were very good friends of my parents when Thrasher and dad went to law school together. I have to tell you, the more I learn about the evolutions of my dad’s old friends into petty shills for the worst people in our society, the prouder I am of his life and his evolutions.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Paul Keller

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