TW3 12 or A Quiet Week at Lakeland Local


Making a note at the Harrison Wind Ensemble

There wasn’t much controversy this week at Lakeland Local, even when normally even-tempered columnist Kemp Brinson wrote: “It just makes me sick. If I were you, I couldn’t do it. We deserve better from you, all of you.

When I first started publishing Lakeland Local over four years ago, I figured it would be text heavy. Video production isn’t in my wheelhouse, but with the addition of Darby Dowdy and, more recently, both Rosie Cafarelli and BackChannel, we’ve moved well into the short video field. This week BackChannel spent some time with the radio crew at Mayhem in the AM and Darby put together a General Store video to showcase our “Not for Cash” local business promotion.

Otherwise, this past week at Lakeland Local was a wonderful collection of sleep tips, the importance of spring training, QR codes, fab local fashion finds, baseball photography, and terms limits, drug tests and Billy Townsend.

As for our inaugural Lakeland Local Bracket Brawl…please take a look at the standings. I fulfilled my obligation to show how zero knowledge of NCAA basketball doesn’t help you win a bracket challenge.

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This week’s legacy media you might have missed:

This week it is all about Florida politics…

Insurers helped write bill intended to shrink Citizens [Herald-Tribune]

Polk County Commissioners Vote to Challenge Term Limits, Salary Cuts and Suing the Voters [Tom Palmer]

Bill would deregulate land line phone service [Herald/Times]

House passes bill to ban payroll deductions for government workers’ union dues [TC Palm]

Florida Class-Size Bill Is Misguided [Glenn Marston]

Behavioral Health Cuts Contested by Local Advocates [Robin Williams Adams]

Cheapening Education Will Not Add Jobs, but May Enrich Political Cronies [Letter by Craig B. McKee]

We’re big fans of Lakeland singer-songwriter Mike McArthur. We were happy to see MyCah Pleasant’s text and audio interview in this week’s Time Out. (Warning, the audio portion automatically starts.)

Creative Commons License photo credit: Tom Hagerty for Lakeland Local