The General Store Starring in A Not For Cash Production

A few weeks ago, I wrote about why Lakeland Local doesn’t sell advertising. While I’m not looking for sponsors, I wanted to reach out to the local business community. That’s why I offered local businesses the chance to make a short video or audio ad and get to see it featured on Lakeland Local.

This week we’re featuring The General Store. Located Downtown at 125 South Kentucky Avenue, The General Store is operated by Theresa and Sparky:

Thanks to Lakeland Local contributors Julie Townsend and Darby Dowdy for their hard work putting that video together. Julie was roped in at the last-second to interview Theresa and Darby shot, edited and added public domain music to the video. That’s actually more work than I envisioned.

I’d like to see you shoot an unedited one minute video and send it to us. Have some fun with it.

Creative Commons License video credit: Darby Dowdy

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