That Was the Week That Was: 2011 Week 11


VW Big at a recent Spring Training game

March Madness came in like a lion, but will leave like a Bulldog. (I’m still smarting that Butler basically eliminated my chance at winning absolutely nothing for the first Lakeland Local Bracket Brawl.)

The Bracket Brawl was started by Kemp Brinson as a method to make me insane for the rest of March a way to have a little fun with the NCAA Men’s Tournament.

Elsewhere this week, Billy Townsend wondered if Governor Scott asked, “How Can I Kill Sunrail, but Keep CSX’s Welfare Money?” and thought it would be a good idea for Sheriff Grady Judd to call a press conference on drugs. (Yes, that sentence could be better constructed, but I like the way it sounds.)

Tammy Wright explained what to do with all those strawberries from the festival and altered readers to the Wine Festival of Central Florida.

Also this week, Chris Kelly explained how to improve your run. We revisited Chris Craig with Mythos and Rachel Absher with More Vintage Looks.

Finally, Shannon Lanier introduced how you can help the city budget process.

Legacy Media Watch

Last Sunday we alerted readers to What’s Going on at the Lakeland Housing Authority. Yesterday, the Ledger had a pair of articles from Eric Pera, Proposed Pay Raise for Housing Chief Put on Hold and 2 Members Of Housing Panel OK’d By Lakeland Commission Committee.

A pair of Polk County leaders are leaving their positions. One on his own: County’s Development Council Leader Tom Patton Leaving [Tom Palmer] and one reluctantly: Citrus Connection Director Danny Ours Fired [John Chambliss]

Lakeland’s Fire and Police Pension Boards, City Manager At Odds [John Chambliss]

In lawsuit news: Federal Judge Lets Atheist Lawsuit With Lakeland Commission Proceed Judge Pondering Case Against Street Preacher [both by Jason Geary]

Districting news that will affect your representation: Vacant Housing in Census Data Affects Redistricting and Area Districts May Go Back to Drawing Boards [Both by Bill Rufty]

Red Light Cameras are on the minds of your representatives: Florida House Committee Backs Repeal Of Red-Light Camera Law [Jeremy Maready] and Florida House committee votes to ban red light cameras [Palm beach Post]

In an fun bit of synergy: YLakeland intern interviews Lakeland Local columnist and publishes on The Ledger: What Are You Reading Now?: “The Watchmen” [Olivia George asks Jess Roberts what she’s reading].

In non-local news: Senate proposal would suspend Florida Prepaid College program

House Panel Votes to Repeal Internet Rules [AP] and Smartphone debate intensifies ongoing battle over the future of Internet service [MinnPost].

NY Times To Charge For Access To Website is subtitled The Ledger, owned by the company, will keep its online content free.

For now. Remember, newspapers were always advertiser supported, and if the advertising model dies, readers will pay the costs.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Chuck Welch for Lakeland Local