TW3 Week 6


Kathleen HS at Lakeland HS
Feb. 12, 2011

The Lakeland Local Week Six Index features 12 items, along with two BackChannel video shorts. Keeping with the days-old tradition, we’ll keep our reviews to one word each: Corporations, Whoopie, Quirky, Tigers, Jailbreaking, Performing, Motorcycles, Backside, Inventory, Pronounced, Love and Pancakes.

Wouldn’t Love and Pancakes make a great name for a retro-indie band?

• Next is our look at those legacy media stories you might have missed..this week they’re super sized with article quotes…

Perez was one of several men arrested in October as part of “Operation Rap It Up.” Florida law allows people to be charged if they are promoting gang activity. – Glorifying Gang Life Gets Man Year in Jail [Jason Geary]

Lowery had been preaching at the corner for nine years without an arrest until officers one day subjectively determined he was a noise disturbance, Hayslett said. “No decibel readings were taken by the officers … He was told to stop preaching, if he wouldn’t that he would be arrested,” Hayslett said. “He told them that he would continue preaching, and he was arrested.” Lakeland Street Preacher’s Noise Case in Court – [Jason Geary]

If Wachs is looking for a record of his directing staff to donate the goals, Judd said she won’t find one. His orders came during staff meetings and conversations with employees. “I’m careful about the public records I create. There’s not a public record until you create one,” he said. “I don’t have the time to sit down behind a computer, nor the inclination to type stuff out. My personality is to personally interact.” — Atheists: Questions Remain in Basketball Goal Donation [Matthew Pleasant]


Tom Gage’s favorite things about Lakeland [Tom Gage – Detroit News]

Next stop, Lakeland: Tigers head south for spring [Tom Gage – Detroit News]

Flight over Polk County takes vet back in time [Chris Boex – Fox]

Live radio stream to connect B.C. to friends, family in Florida [Battle Creek Enquirer – Reader Submitted]

“Sean Dodsen suggested alternative signage such as used in Lakeland. “Rather than removing these signs, Longboat Key should be helping to protect these cyclists. A perfect example is Lakeland’s recent addition of numerous ‘3 Feet — It’s the Law’ signs around some of their more popular biking roads. Longboat Key should take a key from Lakeland and embrace their cycling community.” – Bikers pedal sign rage at Town Hall

CBS Sports Scott Miller on his second favorite Spring Training spot: “Harry’s Seafood Bar and Grill, Lakeland, Fla.: Mmm, Cajun food. I can vouch for the sausage, red beans and rice, the crawfish etoufee, the jambalaya. …” and Lakeland made his Best Spring Training Venue List: “2. Joker Marchant Stadium, Tigers: Now on deck: The Tigers’ 75th consecutive spring in Lakeland. So much history here. This is the place Al Kaline played. This is the place where a rookie named Mark “The Bird” Fidrych, upon learning he made the big club in spring camp 1976, took his girlfriend out to the mound later that night for … uh, well, you know. And up the road is the old, abandoned Holiday Inn that was serving as the club hotel when the alligator once crawled into the pool.”

Rep Dennis Ross made the AP national press with his tweet, “Imported from Detroit” . . . “borrowed from China.” regarding Chrysler’s Super Bowl ad.


“And privacy concerns are laughable at a time when cameras are commonplace on toll roads and in parking lots, stores, banks and many other businesses.” Red-Light Cameras: Exposure Saves Lives

As I read Saturday’s Ledger editorial, that line brought me to a full stop. Privacy concerns are not laughable. I wanted to address the editorialist with that comment, so I followed my usual procedure. I checked to see if the editorial was a Ledger original.

It was not. The Sarasota Herald-Tribune used that line April 14, 2010. No, the Ledger didn’t run a 10-month old editorial. The Herald-Tribune simply liked the line so well, they copy-and=pasted it into the February 3, 2011 editorial the Ledger ran Saturday.

The Ledger did change a pair of example to “including Lakeland and Haines City” and added the editorial comment (italics mine) “The cameras’ proven effectiveness is why other cities and counties in this region should expedite efforts to install them. They should, however, take time to learn about and avoid pitfalls that others encountered in the early days of camera usage.

With the cut-backs at the Ledger, you can’t expect they fill the paper with locally-written content. However, would it be too much to ask to identify out-of-town editorials?

The Second Acts Department

Former Ledger report Brandt Merritt has added an informative and interesting news and commentary site to his resume. Polk Perspectives is “Brandt Merritt’s take on faith, news, sports and life in Polk County, Florida.” Check out Polk’s High Speed Rail Stop Should Be USF Poly for a take different than the one put forth by Donovan Baltich.

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