That was the Week that Was – 2011 Week 5

20110204-303_WebAfter crowing about how we’re averaging 12 articles a week, we published six in week five. However, we did debut BackChannel, our new video collaboration with local film producers NFocus.

A guest column by Donovan Baltich provided some needed citizen insight into the Lakeland High Speed Rail Stop controversy.

Spice, Closets, Workouts and Prayer finished out the week.

Recommended legacy media articles:

Two lessons on how to relate International news to local citizens: Born in Egypt, Two Lakeland Doctors Support Protests Back Home and Lakeland Couple Escape Egypt’s Chaos Both articles are by Gary White. [Note: White has written a book of great interest to local readers: Conservation in Florida: Its History and Heroes.)

From Frontier Life to Civil War Strife, Polk County Molded Its Identity – Cinnamon Blair (Side note: The special section is online, but the Ledger’s history of Polk County is well worth the price of today’s edition. )

• Politics:

Florida Prison Cuts May Be End of ‘Get-Tough’ Mindset – Lloyd Dunkelberger

Thousands skipped governor’s race on ’10 ballot – Sarasota Herald-Tribune

Scott’s Hold on Redistricting: Put People Before Politics – Ledger Editorial

• Education:

Kathleen High Teacher Merges Science With Laughter – Gary White

Education proposal would expand on vouchers – Sarasota Herald Tribune

Lawmakers Hone in on School Cuts (A wonkish aside: The FACC didn’t note the article was written by Kathleen Haughney at the News Service of Florida. Plus, their footer implies they hold the copyright to the article. Bad form FACC.)

• Media Watch:

When you read a story originally printed in an out-of-town newspaper, you may believe you’re getting the whole story. That’s not always true. Papers edit for space and their audience. That’s why I try to find the original source for every TW3 recommendation and link to the most complete article.

Here’s an example: Cary McMullen, the Ledger’s Religion Editor and in the pantheon of Lakeland’s erudite wordsmiths, wrote Faith, Freedom Gifts Of God for the hometown paper. The Tuscaloosa News pulled it off the wire and published it as Religion is revolution’s ally or enemy.

The title isn’t the only change. The original piece was 747 words and Tuscaloosa found only 582 worth repeating. Take a moment to read through both articles and ask if the cuts in Tuscaloosa made McMullen’s story better. I think you’ll agree they didn’t.

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Fashion! Tom Hagerty for Lakeland Local

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