A Pair of New Columns, Rail and Baseball Lead 2011 Week 8

20110225-102Eating locally and audio interviews of locals are the focus of two new columns at Lakeland Local. Tammy Wright started the third of her columns with an introduction to Lakeland’s version of the local eating movement. Using snippets of previous broadcasts, Shannon Lanier introduced readers to her popular Listen Lakeland audiocast.

Local business has received a fair share of coverage in Lakeland Local’s four-plus years. To expand reader’s knowledge of Lakeland businesses, we’re reaching out to the businesses themselves. If you own a Lakeland-based business, take a look at Sometimes It’s Not about the Cash.

Kemp Brinson led the week off with Child Injured at Common Ground Park Sues City. (The Ledger’s Thursday edition featured Couple Sues City Over Boy’s Fall off Slide)

BackChannel continued with a feature on the Tiger’s 75th Spring Training in Lakeland. (Also check out the introduction to Tom Hagerty’s 2011 Spring Training photos in that column.)

The True Style team finished their three-part column on closet organization, Strengthening your core muscles was the On Fitness theme and Brandt Merritt wondered “Are High School Coaches Recruiting?

The new home listings map from Petra Norris shifted to a Wednesday deadline to make it more current for the column’s new Sunday publication time.

In Legacy Media This Week:

Polk County Sheriff received his second major feature this month with the publication of Church and State [Orlando Weekly] Kemp Brinson, who has written about Judd numerous times in the last few weeks, was quoted in the article.

By the way, an atheist was arrested at Tuesday’s School Board meeting. Well, it may have been before the meeting actually started. That seems to make a difference to the School Board member, Frank O’Reilly. [Jeremy Maready and Merissa Green]

The City of Lakeland needs a study to decide if they need to raise your electric rates. [John Chambliss]

An absent landlord, who happens to play football with the Chicago Bears, lost the right to rent his property for a year. Police seize NFL player’s Polk property [Melissa Sogegian] and Desmond Clark doesn’t appreciate Lakeland playing “hardball” with him [Chicago Sun-Times]

Last Week Brandt Merritt wrote FHSAA Finals Too Important to Let Slip Away. Late this week it was reported, FHSAA May Move Volleyball Finals From Lakeland Center [Rick Brown and Lisa Coffey]


There were a quartet of articles and commentaries that spoke on high speed rail…

Rail: Pivotal Point in Florida History [Lloyd Dunkelberger]

‘Doc’ Dockery on Scott’s Decision: Sad Day for State [John Chambliss, Tom Palmer and Bill Rufty]

Facts of High-Speed Rail Are Favorable [Paula Dockery]

Broken-Record Rick May Not Matter [Glenn Marston]

Nameplate Photos:

Brewz Crewz — Tom Hagerty for Lakeland Local

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Creative Commons License photo credit: Tom Hagerty for Lakeland Local