Lakeland Citizen’s Academy

From the Lakeland City Public Information Office…

The City of Lakeland is offering its 10th Annual Citizens Academy to area residents starting February 23, 2011. The Citizens Academy is a free, hands-on, interactive public information program that familiarizes citizens with City services and the functions of City Departments.

The Citizens Academy program will consist of six (6), two (2) hour evening sessions, with one session per month. The program will begin February 23, 2011 and is limited to 25 individuals aged 16 or older. Enrollment in the class is based on a first-come-first-served basis. The first 25 people to sign-up for the class will be given enrollment. Those that sign-up after the cut-off point will be automatically enrolled in the next Citizens Academy class. Those interested in participating should contact Kevin Cook at 865-834-6264 or to secure a spot on the roster.