2011 Week 3


Lakeland High School Dreadnaught Basketball

Comments centered this week on why a pair of Lakeland Local columnists were not Libertarians. Kemp Brinson kicked off the discussion with a Martin Luther King Day post Why I’m Not a Libertarian. Billy Townsend ended the weak explaining Why Billy is Not a Libertarian. No other Lakeland Local columnists chose this week to announce he or she was not a Libertarian.

However, we did have regular columns on reevaluating your abs class, discussing style with your teen and a photo set on Lakeland versus Lake Gibson basketball.

Add columns on the cattle baron’s ball and winning a wedding package and that was the week that was, 2011 Week Three.

In other media:

The Ledger raised questions of nepotism at USFP [Kyle Kennedy]

US-98 was in the news..unfortunately after widening construction started…

U-Turns and Median Gap on U.S 98 Will Be Discussed by FDOT and Trees Being Pulled From Fort Fraser Trail Along U.S. 98 To Make Way For Widening [Tom Palmer]

Community Sounds Off On Closing Median Gap on U.S. 98 South [Jeremy Maready]

Harden Boulevard will get another strip mall as the city looks to turn the intersection of Harden and Polk Parkway into a mirror of 98 & I-4. [Cheap shot? Yes, but opinions come free on TW3.] Oddly, the Ledger liked the story so much they ran it twice: Harden Blvd. Development OK’d and Lakeland Commission Approves Development on Harden Boulevard [Both articles by John Chambliss]

Habitat for Humanity Has Ambitious Construction Plan [Eric Pera]

A pair of letters asked relevant questions: Florida High-Speed Rail Will Require Fixed-Cost Price From Operator [Natalie Hall] and Atheists Have Point; Don’t Just Give Away County Property [Don Miles]

A Lighter Shade of Brown:

In our weekly look back at Lakeland through the eyes of Lonnie Brown, we’ll point you to the day Brown was almost in charge of the city. On August 22, 1977 Roger Harr, Assistant to the Lakeland City Manager, and Brown, then the reporter on the City Hall beat, traded jobs. It was just to be one Monday, but Brown and Harr arrived at City Hall to find the City Manager and his second-in-command both out of the office. You can imagine Harr’s thoughts when he learned Brown might actually have some authority. They punted and Brown took over in the afternoon after Harr had attended an important committee meeting. Brown wrote the meeting story for the evening (ask your Mom) edition of the Ledger. They each wrote a bit about their experience for the Thursday three-star (ask your Dad) edition. Here’s the link to the Thursday story, When a Reporter and Bureaucrat Change Jobs.

I wonder if John Chambliss and Tony Delgado could find the time to make a similar swap?

New Maps for 2011

We’re refreshing our new Listings Maps for 2011. First, to make them easy to find we’re going to use this column to publish the maps. Second, we’ve changed the icons. A quick glance at the map will now tell you if a listing is a “short sale,” a “REO/Bank Owned” property, or one with no special sale provisions. Click the map icons for more information on a home or click an open area to load the map in a full page.

CommunityWalk Map – New Listings for Lakeland, Florida 2011-01-15

• Map data and term information from Realtor Petra Norris:

A short sale is when a home owner owes more on their mortgage than what their home could sell for at the present market. Must you sell short? As the property owner, it is important to remember you still own your home. You hold the title to your property, and more importantly, you make the decision of what offers will be accepted or not. Your bank/lender/servicer does not own your property. For homeowners who can no longer afford their mortgage payment and don’t want foreclosure on their credit, a short sale may be their best option. Please click for more information on short sales.

A foreclosure is an action by the lender to take back your property. After the foreclosure process has been completed, a Judge issues a Certificate of Title and the Certificate of Title has been recorded with the Polk County Clerk of Courts. These bank-owned/REO properties are owned by the bank and are being handled by asset managers, who then hire area real estate agents to handle the listing and marketing of the homes. When buying a foreclosed home, the representation of an experienced local real estate agent is a must.

Nameplate Photos:

Dribbling – Lakeland vs Lake Gibson – Tom Hagerty for Lakeland Local

20110114-14  20110114-9  20110114-331

Tigers 75th Season First Pitch – Horton, Jackson & Fields – Tom Hagerty for Lakeland Local

20110119_121  20110119_225  20110119_9

Creative Commons License photo credit: Tom Hagerty for Lakeland Local