2011 Week 1

20101223-3The first week of 2011 was an interesting one. We interviewed a local filmmaker about her latest project. We asked where readers stood in the controversy surrounding Grady Judd and Atheists of Florida, Inc. Though Sheriff Judd didn’t weigh in, we heard quite a bit from the readers.

We had a history lesson about a Florida Governor from the early 20th century and a little political science about America’s Socialists — the Medicare crowd.

In other news, a local hotel made a change, we published a help wanted notice and a very useful what to do column for January.

Regular columns included favorite photos from 2010, Lakeland food trends, proper exercises for golfing, clothing for your body type and a special quest column on doulas.

Don't Get Personal on Radio-Phones
April 1992 The Ledger

This week’s local news you might have missed
A trio of articles from John Chambliss on how the city runs the business of the city: City Commissioners OK Plan to Re-Connect Electricity on Saturdays, Four Red-Light Cameras Not Covering Expenses, May Be Moved and Garbage Pickup Hits Snags on Lakeland’s South Side.

Tom Palmer on county news: Polk Legislators Tell Commissioners Not to Expect Much Support for New Taxes and Newly-Released Report Blasts High-Speed Rail

“Reporting on controversy” had a pair of interesting articles: Atheists Request Records in Basketball Goal Feud With Polk Sheriff (Cary McMullen) and Locals Split on Repeal Of Military Gay Ban (Gary White)

Lonnie Brown’s Column Revisited – Last week we directed readers to one of Lonnie Brown’s early columns. Because we heard from readers who wanted more, and because I like “digging” through old columns, we’re going to make this a regular Sunday feature.

This week we look back to April 1992 to remember “radio phones” and see that some city employees (or contractors) will take advantage no matter the decade.

New Maps for 2011

We’re refreshing our new Listings Maps for 2011. First, to make them easy to find we’re going to use this column to publish the maps. Second, we’ve changed the icons. A quick glance at the map will now tell you if a listing is a “short sale,” a “REO/Bank Owned” property, or one with no special sale provisions.

CommunityWalk Map – New Listings for Lakeland, FL 2011-01-01
Double-Click an open area of the map to zoom in. Hover over a property to see more information.

• Map data and term information from Realtor Petra Norris:

A short sale is when a home owner owes more on their mortgage than what their home could sell for at the present market. Must you sell short? As the property owner, it is important to remember you still own your home. You hold the title to your property, and more importantly, you make the decision of what offers will be accepted or not. Your bank/lender/servicer does not own your property. For homeowners who can no longer afford their mortgage payment and don’t want foreclosure on their credit, a short sale may be their best option. Please click for more information on short sales.

A foreclosure is an action by the lender to take back your property. After the foreclosure process has been completed, a Judge issues a Certificate of Title and the Certificate of Title has been recorded with the Polk County Clerk of Courts. These bank-owned/REO properties are owned by the bank and are being handled by asset managers, who then hire area real estate agents to handle the listing and marketing of the homes. When buying a foreclosed home, the representation of an experienced local real estate agent is a must.

Nameplate Images This Week:

Lake Morton Birds – Tom Hagerty for Lakeland Local

20101122-52  20101122-17  20101122-36

Golf in Black and White – Tom Hagerty for Lakeland Local

2010-02-22 #13a  2010-02-22 #96a  2010-02-22 #74b

Creative Commons License photo credit: Tom Hagerty for Lakeland Local