2010 Week 52

Our lightest issue was the final week of 2010. Opening with Christmas and ending with New Years Day doesn’t equal a busy volunteer staff. Many of us were out of town, at parties, or just spending some hard earned time with out families. (Editor’s Note: Let’s plan for guest columnists for 2011 Week 52.)

Kudos to Kemp Brinson for riding a bus and giving us the play-by-play. Al Whittle wondered if we shouldn’t rid Polk County of Polk City, and maybe a few other small towns. Cathy Hayes and Courtney Philpot offered fashion ideas to ring in the New Year. (Thanks to Courtney for spending a few extra hours rushing about taking photos.) Chris Kelly reminded readers that exercise programs are more dedication than location. Finally, we asked readers what they would like covered in 2011.

Our other local media works hard for their money and didn’t get off for the holidays. Here are some of the articles you might have missed:

Atheists: Don’t give jail basketball hoops to churches [Melissa Sogegian]

Polk Transportation Planners Demonstrate 25-Year Vision With New Draft Plan [Tom Palmer]

Support Is Lagging for Polk’s 150 Celebration [Tom Palmer]

Lake Morton Apartments Will Be Sold; Tenants Getting the Boot [John Chambliss] On his blog, Chambliss updated the story with the rumor Florida Southern College might be behind the purchase.

Eschewing advertising, we pay scant attention to numbers, but the Ledger has to: National Political Story Draws Most TheLedger.com Views in 2010 [John Chambliss] (Will there come a day when advertisers pay to have their ads moved to articles that get many archive hits? Will they pay extra for being placed on certain articles during select times of the day? Stay tuned…)

Lakeland Man Lives Out Pain He Caused in Fatal DUI Crash [Sarah Stegall]

We’re a little late with the weekly recap today. I was spelunking in the caverns of the Ledger archives. Not literaly, as the Ledger purged their library years ago, but online thanks to Google. I can easily get lost reading old accounts and I did today. I was looking for Lonnie Brown’s first Coffee Guzzlers Club column. Unfortunately, Google is missing most of 1990 and early 1991. I found a Club mention in May 1991, but it was obviously not the first. A Sunday without Nevermore doesn’t seem right, so here is a bit of the Jun 16th, 1991 column, Put incinerator in Sundome

(Click the image for the full column.)