That Was the Week That Was – 2010 Week 50


It was starting to feel like Christmas in Lakeland this week. Unfortunately, it felt more like Lakeland, Michigan than Florida. Most of the the Lakeland Local staff is off for the holidays and headed for points unknown, but we still had a busy week. Those paying close attention got the first word about the new manager for the Lakeland Flying Tigers, Dave Huppert and minutes after the Polk Arts Alliance 4th Annual Community Arts Recognition Program Awards Darby Dowdy had the recipients names and photos. We also featured author Pat Stark, bus transit, the McKeel schools, Southeastern University’s new president, Cozumel, holiday fashion, and more. If you missed anything, take at look back at Lakeland Local Week 50.

In notable news from the other media in town….

USF Poly Is a Field of Dreams Campus [Lonnie Brown] (Longtime Ledger columnist, report, editorialist Lonnie Brown is leaving the paper at the end of the year and it appears that he doesn’t plan to fade away.)

Public Meets Six Finalists For Lakeland Police Chief [Matthew Pleasant & John Chambliss] (Sure, there are six finalists, but it really is a two-person race…)

Even With Florida’s High-Speed Rail Stalled, Interest From Potential Builders Grows [St. Pete Times]

Extension of CSX Contract Wins Approval of Winter Haven Commission [Unsigned] (That’s a very thin article. You’re left to wonder why CSX wasn’t required to fulfill the terms of the previous contract…before the extension. Also, where’s the link to the contract?)

Talked Into Staying, Publix Diversity Manager Saw Career Blossom [Kyle Kennedy]

Stop Feeding George Alongside the Road [Tom Palmer] (No, this wasn’t really notable, but kudos to Palmer for using the opportunity to explain why feeding the egret wasn’t really “helping.”)

More often than not, city news is about property…
Commissioner Selvage Challenges Methodist Church’s Expansion in Lake Morton Area [John Chambliss]
Lakeland Yet to Complete Property Deal; Owners Holding Out [John Chambliss]

And if you missed it the first time…
Lakeland Yet to Complete Property Deal; Owners Holding Out

Lakeland Nameplate photos this week:

Dec 12, 2010 – The USF/Pitt Crowd – Tom Hagerty for Lakeland Local

20101120-149 edit

Dec 14, 2010 — Fret – Tom Hagerty for Lakeland Local

20101204-33a edit

Creative Commons License photos credit: Tom Hagerty for Lakeland Local